San Jose, Calif. – March 9, 2018 – UserZoom, the leading User Experience research and usability testing SaaS platform, has added a new industry expert to their advisory board to further ensure that enterprises can get the UX insights they need to improve the user experience.

UserZoom, the leading User Experience research and usability testing SaaS company, announced today that Tomer Sharon has joined its Advisory Board.

Mr. Sharon, head of research and metrics at Goldman Sachs and previously head of UX at WeWork, will advise the company on a variety of product, strategy and marketing initiatives.

Tomer Sharon is a leading thinker, writer and speaker on all things UX, with an emphasis on lean user research and the benefits this brings to organizations. With more than 18 years of user experience under his belt at some of the top companies in the world, Tomer brings with him a wealth of knowledge and insights into how organizations can create the best experiences for their users through data-informed human understanding, experimentation, and continuous learning and development.

“I’ve known Tomer for about 10 years, pretty much since we started UserZoom,” said UserZoom co-founder and CEO Alfonso de la Nuez. “I always wanted to team up with him and he always demonstrated he was a fan of our business. He was always ahead of the game when it comes Lean UX research practices, even when UX testing wasn’t as widely adopted as it is today. Now that delivering great product UX has become a major competitive advantage and user research is considered a must-have in agile development, we look forward to partnering with Tomer.”

Tomer joining the Advisory Board comes at an exciting time for UserZoom, both technically and organizationally. With their release of a moderated solution – bringing together quant, qual, unmoderated and moderated into one solution – as well as the recent additions of Christian Rohrer to the Advisory Board and Bill Phelps as COO, UserZoom is making great strides towards their goal of being the UX insights company, and the number one partner for enterprises looking to create the best experiences for their users.

“I am delighted to join hands with Alfonso and UserZoom and contribute my part to product roadmap and long-term vision,” Tomer said. “I have always considered myself a fan and advocate and can’t wait to see where UserZoom is headed. Studying the user experience at scale has always been a passion of mine that I share with UserZoom. I look forward to joining hands with UserZoom, Alfonso, Christian Rohrer, and others.”

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About UserZoom

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