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Lloyds Bank

“The combination of both rapid and qualitative research with remote testing at scale and quantitative metrics provides statistical significance for stakeholders.”

Martin Hicks

Senior Research Manager


''With remote unmoderated research from UserZoom, we can have more participants and spend less time on travelling, setting up the lab and recruiting users. We also save time on the analysis of the gathered data."

Deborah Torres

Senior UX Research and Ops Manager

BGL Digital Customer Experience

"UserZoom not only provide industry-leading tools, but they also have a whole team of dedicated professionals who can help you achieve the best possible user experience for your products and services."

Ian Batterbee

Senior UX Designer


Userzoom has increased our velocity to run quality research, and enabled us to keep a pulse on the initiatives and insights being consumed by multiple departments. These insights are empowering us to make human-centered decisions every single day.

Tyler Medina

Senior Manager, Design Research

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