BGL: How UserZoom helps gather information for better informed decisions

Discover how the BGL team used a mix of UserZoom methods to optimize the customer experience

BGL Group has grown significantly both in size and capability. From 30 to almost 3,000 people, today we are a leading digital distributor of insurance and household financial services.

To inform the launch of the new, updated version of the Beagle Street site and to ensure the new design met their users’ needs they partnered up with UserZoom to make sure the new site adhered to both web accessibility standards and Beagle Street’s brand values of simplicity and accessibility.

The team used a mix of UserZoom methodologies from surveys to think out loud studies to over 1000 participants. The combination of the methods allowed BGL to: 

  • Enhance the readability, load speed and legibility of the font used 
  • Adhere to both web accessibility standards & Beagle Street’s brand values of simplicity and accessibility
  • Reduce the number of ‘core’ pages by 76% (from 43 to 10).
  • Amend the terminology & messaging used on the website to improve the ease of understanding
  • Boost the findability of key information by 200%

From BGL

"With UserZoom we are able to plan how tests relate to each other instead of working on them as singular projects. Being able to pull it all together in reports and presentations gives us the bigger picture, helping to make better informed decisions."

Steve Maile, BGL Life

Head of UX

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