Bio-Tech uses insight to deliver a better global website experience

Customer Experience Management (CEM) has become a critical differentiator in today’s global marketplace. This case study examines how a leading Bio-Tech used UserZoom to launch its re-designed website with a focus on improving customer experience in global markets.

Successful CEM can provide companies with powerful data needed to improve customer loyalty, strengthen brand preferences, boost revenue, and even lower costs. So, what better place to create a great experience than through a website?


In today’s hyper-connected marketplace creating a good customer experience is no easy task. For this particular company, currently operating on a global level in six different markets, the collection of usability data from customers in different regions was really important because the site redesign was aimed towards helping all customers gain a better experience.

Since this company operates on a global level, obtaining a large sample size in a limited amount of time can prove to be quite challenging. The project was not just an enhancement on one page, it was an overall restructuring that included the information architecture, the content, and the visual design of the site.

Another major challenge that this organization faced was reorganizing its product portfolio in a manner that fit the mental model of the major markets. This was primarily due to the fact that there are various use cases, in which different people use an organization’s products in different ways.


To address challenges in gathering usability data from a large sample size, the Bio-Tech company used UserZoom to run unmoderated remote usability tests. This allowed it to get the data needed from global markets and save time by being able to efficiently:

  • Run multiple studies concurrently across regions
  • Record user’s task-based session for replay
  • Use logic that allowed for piping customers through six different markets; each market received a different set of randomized items following the initial questionnaire
  • Create a study that popped-up and was a temporary add-on, rather than coded into the site
  • Take advantage of other solutions such as tree testing, card sorting, heatmaps & clickstream data
  • Communicate with a quick-to-answer support team


This Bio-Tech company set out with a vision of improving customer experience in global markets by launching a re-designed website in a short amount of time. With UserZoom, the company was able to successfully accomplish its goals and unveil an entirely new website that represented:

  • A cohesive style across all pages
  • A reorganized product portfolio in a manner that fit the mental model of the major markets
  • Improved navigation through information architecture & suggested content choices
  • A brand new visual design of the homepage

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