Flixbus: how they boosted mobile app install rates across the globe

FlixBus is Europe’s largest intercity bus network, helping over 100 million people reach their destinations.

How UserZoom enabled Flixbus

The question for this specific UserZoom study was: Which app icon performs better and has the best connection with the brand goals? Aiming for a cleaner and more modern brand image, the Brand Team initiated a redesign of their FlixBus App Icon.

A clear and recognizable icon was created and tested using surveys and click tests to understand the perception of users about the icon and the brand. Then A/B tests were performed in Google Play with a bigger sample size to confirm the best design was selected.

UserZoom enabled Flixbus to:

  • Provide proof of value for UX research in the product development process
  • Access participants in previously inaccessible countries
  • Speed up the UX research and design process, getting results in just 24 hours!

“The best part of UserZoom is having quick and direct user responses. We can launch a study and see results in less than 24 hours. This helps us show that research is not a bottleneck and should always be included in the product development process.”

Carolina Schomer, Flixbus

UX Researcher, SWARM Team

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