Fortune 100 IT company effectively designs with quick iterative testing

This Fortune 100 IT Company uses UserZoom to manage the experience design and strategy for its web-conferencing solution’s marketing website.

The team at this Fortune 100 IT company has recently transitioned from a creative services organization into a customer experience design organization.

While the team was already very successful in the design arena, they took a proactive approach to add user experience research into their repertoire. With the team manager’s background in UX research, she was able to identify what types of research were needed and when.

The team embarked on a search for a comprehensive platform capable of not only deep competitive analysis but also quick studies with a statistically significant number of participants. UserZoom was able to achieve these needs.

The UserZoom Solution

The customer team began with testing for navigation and information architecture as well as assessing language and mental models, working to apply the right types of research to optimize the return of information for any given testing scenario.

“Essentially, we needed to get our heads around how people think about online conferencing. We needed the ability to stress-test different ways to describe it, to frame it, to approach it. That’s what our UserZoom tests were about.”

The customer team moved on to comprehensive unmoderated remote usability testing with UserZoom. They set up scenarios, tested prototypes, enabled ranking, and randomized what questions and tasks were presented when to the study participants.

They then examined the responses via UserZoom’s data and analytics reporting to determine the top responses for how participants viewed online conferencing and what terminology buyers are using.


“UserZoom helped us gain deeper insights into what influences buying behavior, particularly in terms of which capabilities rated strongly for potential buyers.”

Unmoderated remote usability testing with UserZoom helped the customer team discover many factors that resonated most effectively with the customer’s buyers.

These insights included the ability to be on different platforms on the same meeting, the ability to chat live in a shared space, the ability to show a desktop during a meeting, calling in without a passcode, the ability to show just one application rather than the entire desktop and the ability to join a meeting via phone rather than the computer.

Based on this insight, the customer completely redesigned its website content and information architecture, simplifying the pages for consistency and enabling visitors to more easily find the information relevant to the business problems they needed to solve. The customer improved visibility, time-on-site, and bounce rates as a result.

“UserZoom has enabled us to do some quick iterative testing and turn that around to quickly design in a very effective way. That makes a huge difference in our ability to influence management on where to go with our designs!”

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