Fortune 100 Science Solutions manufacturer: insights from hard to reach participants

Our customer is a Fortune 100 scientific solutions company with billions in sales and customers all around the world.

Our contact oversees all research-related activities for the main web property and is part of a User Experience team that also includes UX designers, digital strategists and managers.

“I’m really in charge of making sure that before we make fundamental changes to the site, we have customer feedback guiding the decisions we make along the way. It ties into both design and structure. To do this, we use a lot of UserZoom’s tools including card sorts, tree tests, and mobile usability tests.”

Business Scenario

The customer has recently transitioned to a new responsive website platform, which ushers in a new wave of UX research approaches for its UX team. They are using UserZoom to conduct a wide range of online usability studies to help refine the website’s structure and support international usability testing for the company’s 160 countries and languages in its four regions.

With an eye on creating a more efficient research process that would allow more frequent international UX testing, the customer created a digital advisory panel. Using UserZoom’s recruiting features, the customer proactively invites its users to join its advisory panel. Based on the users’ profile, the customer reaches out to panel members for studies specific to particular tasks, businesses, or countries.

“One of the unique obstacles we face is that it’s hard to find our users, and they’re very expensive to recruit because they’re professionals, they’re busy and they get a ton of email. One of the ways we’ve been using UserZoom is with the intercept layer to recruit these international professionals.”

Subsequently, when the customer wants to find participants relevant to specific industries, they can simply narrow the participant panel down to a particular set of criteria and rapidly conduct the study with the right audience.

“We just did a study with the filtration and purification industry, and we wanted to get feedback on product attributes in the catalog. Using UserZoom, the advisory panel allowed us to quickly find out who’s in the filtration industry and send them an email invitation.

This has allowed us to be lean and mean when it comes to launching the studies. We get feedback much more quickly this way, we create a rapport with these people, they hear from us time and again, and they know we have a dependable system for compensation.”

The company plans to expand its digital advisory panel to multiple regions, including Mexico, Brazil, and Asia.


The customer’s use of UserZoom to create a digital advisory panel has streamlined its research process significantly. On average, they can now complete targeted studies of 50 users in three days.

“Our audience is really tough to find, and when we get a chance to talk to them, we have to make sure we can answer several research questions with one study. That’s very important.”

The customer has a global reach, and they also use piping and conditions in the UserZoom Manager to conduct studies in up to six different languages simultaneously. This means that participants in a single study experience the study in their native language wherever they are around the world.

The flexibility of the UserZoom Manager has also allowed the customer to explore lean UX processes because they are able to quickly recruit qualified participants. Conducting a series of weekly usability tests, the customer has redesigned its entire product detail page in only four weeks.

“It’s been super successful for us. We’ve been able to launch studies very quickly because of the advisory panel, as it allows us to narrow who we want to reach and also ask them for referrals. User Zoom is an essential tool in our toolbox that allows us to efficiently and continuously receive feedback from our visitors.”

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