How a leading tech giant for creative professionals measures UX

With UserZoom, this B2B software leader is so confident in its measurement program, UX performance is tied to the team’s bonus structure.

Scalable measurement

Consistent actionable insights across your product portfolio

Prioritize improvements

Meaningful UX metrics that focus attention in the right places

Manage performance

Have the confidence to tie team performance to UX performance

The Senior Program Manager of Product Operations at a leading tech company for creative professionals came to UserZoom with a problem. She wanted to find a better way to measure UX.  

NPS only tells part of the story.

“Our leadership loved their NPS scores and spent many hours of conversation on how NPS is valuable for measuring loyalty and measuring people's attitudes. But, it doesn't really tell you what the people are actually doing in your product.”

Senior Program Manager of Product Operations

For example, their product has wide adoption and the brand generates positive sentiment. As a result, NPS scores are high, even though customers are failing at using the product to complete their desired task. 

Metrics such as NPS surveys and website analytics aren't meaningful measures of UX. NPS is an attitudinal measure of loyalty and doesn’t incorporate how users actually behave (i.e. Does the product actually work in the desired way? Were users able to accomplish what they set out to do?). To reveal actionable insight that ultimately helps you build a better product, you also need to look at behavioral data. 

It was clear a more robust UX measurement program needed to be built, one that encompasses a more complete view of the user experience. 

Building a UX measurement program

This software giant was looking for a better way to measure UX holistically--in a scalable way that could work across their entire product portfolio and that could be clearly tied to business goals. 

To get this holistic measure specific to the impact of UX on key business metrics, you need a score that incorporates both what users are doing and how they feel about your site, product, or feature. 

So, they turned to UserZoom and the QXscore

UserZoom’s QXscore is a meaningful, easily understood standard for measuring user experience that aligns to strategic business KPIs and identifies tactical areas to improve UX health. It quantifies users’ attitudes and behaviors into a single score that can be used to track progress over time, relative to competitors, or across multiple lines of business, digital properties and products. This makes it easy for business leaders to evaluate UX performance while providing digital experience stakeholders with insights into how to improve.

Consistent measurement across multiple products.

“We're going to have a scorecard with the same kind of experience measures on all the products that we do benchmarking on.”

Senior Program Manager of Product Operations

A measure to prioritize improvements

Now, the organization has more meaningful UX measurements that help drive areas of improvement. They have a way to quantify what’s working, what’s not working, and can focus their attention in the right places. Thereby confidently driving further improvements to the product and creating data-driven customer value. 

“Being able to collaborate with application leaders and show people in our general UX leadership that we could do this and give them more reliable measurements that you could compare within a product over time. That was a great win.” 

A measure to manage performance

The company truly values user-centricity and data, so being able to combine these two factors in one measurement program was essential in selling it to leadership.  

As a true measure of the validity and trustworthiness of UserZoom's benchmarking program, the company has linked the team's OKRs to QXscore.

Put your money where the measurement is.

“For us, that is about as validating as you can get when the team says it is so important to us, how we perform on these benchmarks, that we're going to put our bonus onto that.”

Senior Program Manager of Product Operations

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