How ING Spain scales UX by empowering customer journey experts

By partnering with UserZoom, ING Spain were able to scale their research efforts through a democratized research framework, increasing their research volume without losing the quality of their results.


team-members enabled in UX research, scaling democratization


increase in research from 21 studies per year to 289 studies per year


UX decisions made with confidence, validated by customers

"It has everything to do with scaling. ING is a company that is fully customer-centric, but the only way that we could scale the amount of time we have with users was by partnering with UserZoom as an enabler. With UserZoom's guidance and software, we got feedback from 900 users a week."

Javier Sierra Merino

User Research Expert Lead

Democratizing customer research

As part of ING’s ongoing commitment to leading the way in being customer-centric, they needed to establish an end-to-end testing flow from exploration all the way to validation across all of their teams.

The challenge? Incorporating end-to-end testing into an agile workflow where customer journey experts (CJEs) - ING’s business-oriented profiles that represent the customer in the teams - far outnumbered researchers.

They knew that giving each team autonomy to lead their own research with customers would be crucial, but that they also had to ensure the quality of research was up to their high level of standards.

Leveraging UserZoom to ensure UX research quality

Javier Sierra Merino, User Research Expert Lead at ING Spain & Portugal, developed a plan to turn CJEs into researchers.

They created an international program, covering four countries, that explained the basics of UserZoom--including guides to research methodologies, study templates, best practices, and a shared research calendar.

The training and templates, allowed the research team to better organize and monitor all the studies conducted by the CJEs across the key design phases.

Expanding research with 100+ customer journey experts

Through UserZoom’s unlimited seats for customers, and their custom-built training program, Javier’s team was able to turn more than 100 CJEs into researchers who could conduct tactical user research autonomously.

The CJEs were able to participate in 289 tests and collect feedback from more than 23,000 customers.

The next aim is to extend this framework to the rest of the organization.

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