Yodlee: How UserZoom empowers a UX team of one

UserZoom provides a one-person UX team with the scalable insights they need.

Sarah Anderson, Director of UX at Yodlee, knows that one of the greatest challenges facing many financial services companies today is balancing the need to offer new and compelling services with intuitive and seamless user experience.

The challenge?

Sarah is a one-woman UX team.

With the industry shift to focusing more on experience, Sarah finds herself needing to conduct usability research for different teams. This desire to capture qualitative feedback and quantitative metrics to feed the organization’s development cycles has never been higher.

“I'm an army of one, which led me to UserZoom as a platform. We were using another company before and they were really just focused on think aloud and more qualitative research findings. I switched over to UserZoom because they have it all - the think-aloud portion but also the quantitative analysis."

"UserZoom has it all - and validates with our clients that we're taking user experience seriously"

Sarah Anderson, Yodlee

UX Director

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