Get fast, flexible access to the right users

Leverage our intelligent sourcing engine or recruit your own users

We know that finding the right users for your research matters. That’s why with UserZoom, you get the flexibility needed to get the most relevant feedback to inform your business-critical UX decisions.

IntelliZoom gives you access to over 120 million users

Source your own users through just about any channel,
for free and unlimited!

Find the most qualified participants

Get relevant feedback from real users for the most valuable insights. Powerful screening capabilities built into the platform enable you to source the most qualified users, from your unique target audience, participate in your study.

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Recruit Our Users

Integrated with the world's leading participant providers, IntelliZoom gives you access to the most relevant representative users for your specific research objective, with even the most specific screening criteria.
And over 28 million of these users can be leveraged instantly for Think-Out-Loud video studies, which means that you can get the most actionable insights without forgoing speed.

Recruit Your Own Users

Get feedback directly from your customers, free of charge! With your platform subscription, you can send any study to anyone at any time, through just about every channel.
Generate as many unique URLs as you want and invite your customers, employees, prospects via email, social, QR code and more!

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Leverage our team of experts

We partner with you to ensure that you get fast access to the best representation of your target audiences--from hands-on support in research engagements requiring more complex screening criteria to careful monitoring of study progress, as well as tips and tricks for sharing insights with key stakeholders.