Get the right participants in the shortest amount of time


Not all panels are created equally! Knowing this, we’ve taken great care in cultivating a growing panel with diverse, honest participants that aren’t professional test takers. With IntelliZoom, you can speedily recruit quality testers into your studies and get results within hours.


Select Participants From Your Customer Base

Leverage Your Own Database

UserZoom enables you to recruit participants off your own mailing list. Invitation links can be generated within the UserZoom interface and sent out via email and social media channels. You can use multiple links if you have more than one participant profile. Once participants click on an invitation link, they will access your study.

Site Intercepts

UserZoom has its own user recruitment tool that will intercept your actual customers as they visit your website, mobile site or mobile app. UserZoom will generate a customizable intercept layer to appear on one or more pages of your website. Potential participants will go from the invitation layer directly into your study.

Let Us Handle It For You

Let UserZoom’s panel experts cover your recruitment needs and tackle the heavy lifting of getting the right participants into your studies, freeing you up from worrying about recruiting and allowing you to focus on how to implement all of the actionable insights you’re receiving.

Our Global Panel Network

UserZoom has an agreement with the leading sampling companies to make it easier for you to recruit the participants you need. Panels will find participants, direct them into your project, and provide participant compensation. Easily request a quote from any of our partners inside your UserZoom account. You can also work with your own panel provider if you choose to.