Participant recruitment

Get fast, flexible access to over 120 million people worldwide. UserZoom's platform includes a fully-integrated participant recruitment engine that gathers the right users.

Recruit our participants

UserZoom's participant recruitment engine has over 120 million users worldwide.

Recruit your own participants

Source your own users through any channel for free.

Recruit our participants

Our global panel network enables instantaneous sourcing of participants from a pool of over 120 million users. The size of our panel ecosystem enables fast and reliable sourcing for all study types and targeting criteria.

Or recruit your own

Intercept organic desktop and mobile website visitors and invite them into a study in realtime.

Our participant recruitment 101 ebook

Learn everything you need to know about finding, inviting and screening the right participants!

Collect high-quality UX insights across the globe

UserZoom offers participant recruiting in over 100 countries and in more than 20 languages, allowing you to use country-specific insights.

Ensure you’re building digital experiences that are optimized for audiences that speak different languages, come from different countries, and have different needs, preferences, expectations, and behaviors. Check out our recruitment guide to see which countries and languages UserZoom supports.

Discover global recruitment with UserZoom

Have questions about participant recruitment? Read our support guide to discover how UserZoom gives you fast, flexible access to over 120 million people worldwide.

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