Get fast, flexible access to the right users

Automated, intelligent participant sourcing straight from UserZoom

Leverage our intelligent sourcing engine or recruit your own users

We know that finding the right users for your research matters. That's why the UserZoom platform includes a fully-integrated participant sourcing engine to automate every step of the UX design process, making it faster and more efficient for organizations to get the UX insights they need from the participants that matter.

UserZoom's intelligent sourcing engine gives you access to over 120 million users worldwide!

Source your own users through just about any channel,
for free and unlimited!

Find the most qualified participants

Get relevant feedback from your unique target audience for the most valuable insights. Whether testing with your own users or ours, powerful screening capabilities built into the platform enable you to source the most qualified users to participate in your study.

Easily create, save and reuse screeners to cut down on recruitment time and effort, and combine with our automated participant sourcing capabilities to make even the most complex or broad UX research projects a breeze.


Recruit Our Users

Integrated with the world's leading participant providers, UserZoom gives you access to the most relevant representative users for your specific research objective, with even the most specific screening criteria.

And with automated recruiting available for all unmoderated testing methods, UserZoom cuts the time and effort it takes to find the users you need, allowing you to scale your UX research and focus on analyzing, sharing and executing upon your insights.


IntelliZoom Panel

UserZoom's world-leading proprietary panel, IntelliZoom Panel sources a diverse range of participants verified for Think-Out-Loud feedback and Card Sorts across territories in North America and Europe. With a rigorous onboarding and profiling process, IntelliZoom Panel is ideally placed to source participants for all UX research methods.


API Global Panel Network

Our intelligent sourcing engine connects to our global panel network for instantaneous sourcing of participants from a pool of over 120 million users for all study types and targeting criteria. All partners are ESOMAR members, are vetted through a screening process and regularly evaluated for speed and quality. We carefully monitor the speed at which quotas fill within the sourcing engine, with 85% of studies reaching quota in under 24 hours.


Third-Party Partners

We use the industry standard practice of working with third-parties when more respondents are needed to fill quotas on studies with unique or difficult targeting requirements. Even though these local and global partners are not part of our API Global Panel Network, they are put through a stringent screening process and their performance is evaluated to ensure panel health and data quality.

Recruit Your Own Users

Get feedback directly from your customers, free of charge! With your platform subscription, you can send any study to anyone at any time, through just about every channel.

Generate as many unique URLs as you want and invite your customers, employees, prospects via email, social, QR code and more!


Live Intercepts

Intercept organic visitors to your website, mobile site and apps and invite them into a study through live intercepts.



If you have access to someone’s email it’s as simple as copying and pasting the URL link to your study and hitting send.


Social Channels

Simply paste the URL link to your study on your social media channels and you can be engaging with the folks who like, follow and subscribe to you.


Private Panels

If you have cultivated your own personal panel feel free to send them the links to your study as frequently as you would like.


QR Code

Each of your studies comes with a unique QR code which can be used to invite people into your studies. If you can put a QR code on it, you can use it to recruit participants.


Vision Critical Insight Communities

Launch UserZoom studies to your existing Vision Critical insight communities through our fully-supported integration


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