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Create studies quickly and easy with our intiuitive UI

Gather data with multiple participant sourcing options

Automated dashboards & analysis

Build Studies


Intuitive and easy-to-use study builder

Build and launch your study quickly with the help of our wizard-based builder, our vast library of project templates, and unique features that allow you to both duplicate studies and reuse tasks that you’ve created previously.

Multi-method, multi-device

Test across prototypes, mobile and desktop, with support for more UX research methods than any other platform on the market. With UserZoom, you’ll always have access to the right research method or combination of methods for the job.

Full study customization & flexibility

UserZoom Manager allows you to customize the design of your studies, including background colors, logos etc. You can also modify the Next and Previous buttons by changing the text and colors. UserZoom lets you add a progress bar, so you can indicate to participants how far along they are in the study.

Logic and conditions

Utilizing logic will enable you to: 1) Disqualify a respondent and screen them out 2) Skip participants based on their response. Conditions allow you to show or hide questions based on a participant’s previous response. With piping, capture a participant’s response and dynamically carry it forward to another question.

Task validation

Task validation is used to verify that participants have completed a task successfully. UserZoom allows you to validate task success by question, time, or URL. Alternatively, you can allow participants to self-report that they completed a task as well.

Sample quality control

Ensure high quality data collection with UserZoom’s Sample & Data Quality Controls. Participants who speed through your studies, try to take your studies more than once, or input invalid comments are kept out of your sample set. Allow one response per computer only, and exclude individual participants from a list.

Collect Data


Use our participants, or source your own

Get the most relevant feedback to inform your business-critical product decisions with multiple sophisticated participant sourcing options. You can invite your own users through just about any channel or leverage our Intelligent Sourcing Engine, IntelliZoom, for access to over 120 million users worldwide.

Browser add-on

UserZoom can optionally capture behavioral data such as session recording, clickstreams and heatmaps. One way to capture this data is by asking participants to install a simple, light and 100% secure browser add-on. The add-on does not collect at anytime any participants’ personal information and deactivates by itself when participants complete a study.

JavaScript code

Another way to collect behavior data is by tagging your website pages with JavaScript code provided by UserZoom. The JavaScript tracking code is used to track the paths that participants take while completing a study. Insert the code just before the closing body tag on every page you want to get tracked during the study. Once you insert UserZoom tracking code on your site, you will be able to use JavaScript tracking for all your studies on that site.

Mobile SDK

UserZoom’s easy-to-install software development kit (SDK) enables researchers to launch in-app surveys, exit surveys, track clickstreams and events.

Analyze & Report


Automated reporting, dashboards & export

Get insights quickly with automated reporting on several different UX metrics, from efficiency and effectiveness ratios, to heatmaps, click paths and dendrograms.

Export the raw data to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or SPSS and share your findings with key stakeholders with the click of a button.

Video analysis tools

If you need to dive deeper, watching a video recording of how user interacted with a site can be of great help. Filter videos by task, questionnaire answers or success/fail per task. Create highlight clips for your reports and bookmark important events or actions. For fast video review, you can increase its speed by 2x or 3x.

Filtering & segmentation

UserZoom offers flexible filtering capabilities, which makes your analysis easy and efficient. You can filter data by any of participants’ responses, participants’ profiles, participants’ system information, success rates, or by completes only.

Customizable charts

UserZoom automatically generates detailed analytics for every study you conduct. Charts are created for each question and task in a study. Before exporting a report of the study, you can use UserZoom “Chart options” to customize the appearance of your charts or create your own theme to use in every study.

Behavioral data analytics

Clickstreams allow you to view and analyze what path participants are taking to complete their tasks, what percentages are taking that path, where they complete, and where they abandon. Click Heatmaps show exactly where on the page participants have clicked & view the percentage of participants who clicked.

Web analytics integration

UserZoom allows you to integrate your survey data with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics and link user voice metrics such as satisfaction ratios or Net Promoter Score to clickstreams and other traffic data.



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