UXpeditious: A UserZoom podcast

Quick, insightful interviews with design, product, and UX leaders.

Episode 08

Pushing UX education forward

Alec Levin on why in order to be a strategic researcher, it’s necessary to understand the economics of business.

Episode 07

Scaling UX through design organization

Beverly May, VP of Research and Design at Allstate discusses her efforts leading a large design platforming initiative.

Episode 06

The value of eye-tracking in research

Andrew Schall, Senior Director of Experience Design Research, Mayo Clinic, shares his experience and expertise on how and when to ...

Episode 05

Making UX measurement manageable

Christian Rohrer, Vice President of Experience Design at TD Bank shares his expertise in UX measurement.

Episode 04

Conflict management as a design skill

Susana La Luz-Hawkins, Research Department Director of Design & Customer Experience at J.P. Morgan Chase, shares some best practices for ...

Episode 03

How to measure ‘simple’ in user experience

LinkedIn's effort to quantify what it means to have a 'simple' user experience, and its relationship to LinkedIn's metrics ...