Over the last couple of years, our teams here at UserZoom have celebrated Thanksgiving by holding an annual office potluck. We gather together to give thanks to the awesomeness of each and every individual on the team, and really–just to simply enjoy each others’ company before we go home to our friends and families.


As the past holiday afternoons have come to a close, the team would usually be expected to leave early with a warm heart and a full belly. However, this year we decided to do something a bit different.

In honor of such a significant holiday that encourages us give thanks to those around us, we at UserZoom believe that the holiday is something not just for family and friends to enjoy, but for the community as well.

So this year, we decided to give back to the community in the best way we knew how, to share a hot meal (with plenty of delicious sides!) with those who are less fortunate. Just a short walk from our office there is a small group of folks who really know how to appreciate life and clearly take nothing for granted.

We all banded together, armed with large boxes of deliciousness and were welcomed with open arms. As we presented our offerings, there were some teary eyes and spirited attitudes from our team and the recipients. We all left that day, feeling a true sense of togetherness by that small altruistic experience.


The Monday after the holiday, we received a unexpected note. To our surprise, it was non-ironically a “thank you” for giving. Since we can’t really do justice to summarizing such a thoughtful gesture, read below to see what they said:


We all hope you appreciated hearing our story as much as we enjoyed the experience.  Until next time, cheers and happy holidays!