Improvements to the study builder, the study results beta, and the addition of video transcripts makes creating and analyzing UX tests simpler and easier than even before.

UserZoom, the UX Insights Company™, announced that they have released another round of enhanced product functionality that increases the ease with which customers can build and analyze user research studies. Improvements were made to the Study Builder and Study Results Beta, and Video Transcripts have additionally been released.

UserZoom redesigned their Study Builder to be both fully responsive and easier to use and navigate, resulting in a simpler and more efficient way to create UX tests on a broad range of devices. With the addition of the Star Rating question type, researchers can now more easily align satisfaction questions with how their organization measures satisfaction and experience ratings.

Significant enhancements to UserZoom’s Results Beta enable UserZoom customers to extract and share rich UX insights from their studies with greater ease. These enhancements include the addition of the full breadth of question types to the new Results Beta visualizations, as well as new filtering capabilities that include the ability to filter by rating scale responses. These new capabilities make analyzing a study, even at a granular level, easier than ever before.

Inline with their commitment to making the analysis of qualitative data easier and more efficient, UserZoom has also released Video Transcripts. With embedded features such as dynamic scroll, enhanced search, clip creation and text export, it’s estimated Video Transcripts will help UserZoom customers cut video analysis time in half.

“As the optimization of user experience becomes a more democratized effort in the enterprise, the need for summarizing and collaborating on key user insights is paramount,” said Andrew Jensen, VP and Head of Product at UserZoom. “At UserZoom, we are leveraging our own product research to drive new innovation that aligns with these customer needs.”

About UserZoom

UserZoom is the UX Insights Company™, providing a best-in-class research platform that empowers businesses to generate the insights needed to design and deliver great digital experiences that improve business metrics. With offices in four countries, the company helps global brands like Coca-Cola, Google and Amazon raise the bar for an outstanding online customer experience.