UserZoom Academy will offer UX training courses starting Q1 2019.

UserZoom, the UX Insights Company™, announced the upcoming launch of UserZoom Academy in early 2019. UserZoom Academy will offer training courses across all major UX research methods, enabling practitioners both new and old to further enhance their professional development and provide the robust, actionable insights their organizations need to create better user experiences.

The launch of UserZoom Academy comes as part of UserZoom’s continued push as the world’s leading UX insights company to bring together the endeavors of spreading UX awareness across and within businesses, educating UX practitioners to encourage their growth, and creating the most robust usability testing platform on the market.

UserZoom knows that as UX becomes more ubiquitous in the market, and as more companies expand their UX teams, there will be a desire for UX practitioners both new and old to deepen their skill sets. The goal of UserZoom Academy is to provide a place of learning for all, with the outlook that anyone and everyone who wants to contribute to creating better experiences can and should be able to do so—including within UserZoom itself.

Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of UserZoom, says, “The demand for UX insights is far bigger than the supply of experienced professionals who can deliver those insights. We’re also witnessing the ‘democratization’ of research and usability testing as this demand continues to grow. As The UX Insights Company, UserZoom has a commitment to improving and promoting user experience across the board—not just for our customers, but within our own product and our people, who are at the core of everything we do at UserZoom. UserZoom Academy is an exciting way to be able to promote UX awareness and education to anyone who has the desire to learn.”

About UserZoom

UserZoom is the UX Insights Company™, providing a best-in-class research platform that empowers businesses to generate the insights needed to design and deliver great digital experiences that improve business metrics. With offices in four countries, the company helps global brands like Coca-Cola, Google and Amazon raise the bar for an outstanding online customer experience.