Keep up with the sprint pace

Continuously test and validate to keep up with the pace of design and development.

The need for speed

Design and development decisions often need to happen in two-week sprints. Don’t leave user research out in a quest to keep up.

Create a culture of research

Expand quick, tactical testing to designers, product managers and marketers. With fast and easy ways for non-researchers to find friction points and learn how to fix them.

Here's how...

Remotely watch and listen to users

See and hear how users react to or engage with flat visuals, prototypes, live sites, or apps.


An easy way to get directional feedback and identify major usability issues.


When you need to increase the validity or efficiency of design decisions with behavioral data and higher sample sizes.

Measure clicks to increase efficiency and validity

Quickly see where users click or tap to find items on flat visuals, wireframes, prototypes, apps, or live sites with a click test. Just upload the image or indicate the URL, set the task, and ask questions.


Ideal for quickly and confidently evaluating and iterating early-stage designs with data that stakeholders can easily understand.


Click data alone isn’t ideal for creating user empathy. However, with UserZoom you can get both user empathy and behavioral data.

Deliver exceptional digital experiences with quality insight