Measure UX with a single score to prove business impact to stakeholders.

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Measure and manage UX

QXscore is an easily understood, single score for measuring the user experience of your digital properties, products, and services over time, and relative to competitors.

Measure UX performance

Provide a clear performance score that aligns with KPIs to demonstrate the business impact of UX to your stakeholders and leaders.

Make confident decisions

Start making decisions with statistically valid data that quantifies users’ attitudes and behaviors with actionable task-level insights.

Benchmark against competitors

Understand how you measure up against your competitors and consistently track your own improvements over time, using our standardized score.

Measuring experience with QXscore

Watch this 50-second video to understand how QXscore aligns to business KPIs and identifies tactical areas to improve

Multiple metrics in a single experience score

QXscore is a standard score for everyone, built and validated from years of UX measurement experience. The following attitudinal and behavioral metrics combine to provide a complete measure of the digital experience.


Task success

Customer satisfaction

Reliability and trust


Net Promoter Score

What do the results look like?

Traditional metrics, like NPS or abandonment, only tell half of the picture - what is happening but not why it's happening. QXscore gives you one score combining behavioral and attitudinal data, with task-level insights, helping your team understand where to focus and what to prioritize.

As the data is collected, we generate a scorecard...

The ‘final score’ of 75 is your QXscore, the single experience score for this product.

Dig deeper to see individual scores for component areas, helping you better understand the overall performance of your product and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Prove how UX research can impact business outcomes

Yuan Zhou, Global UX Design Lead at Kimberly-Clark, details how UserZoom's single UX score can easily be shared with stakeholders and prove how UX research can impact business outcomes.

Measure the right things with valid, quantified data. And make every UX thing you measure meaningful with QXscore from UserZoom.