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The UX implications of on-demand healthcare

In this edition of #UXchat, we’re discussing on-demand healthcare. What are the implications of of having real-time data on your health, recorded, collected and accessible to both yourself and healthcare professionals? What is the role of the UX designer in all of this? What are…

Why big data and UX need each other

There is no doubt that big data analytics is useful and necessary to build and scale products, but can big data tell us everything we need to know? An outside observer looking at the market might believe so. According to Forrester’s prediction, the big data…

UX Battle of the Week: Ford vs Hyundai

UserZoom ran a quick competitive UX benchmark study between Ford and Hyundai, two of the some of largest automobile makers on the planet, to see how users experienced navigational and core tasks, as well as how they rated their overall experience on these websites.

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