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UX Boot Camp for Agile Development 2018

UX Boot Camps for Agile Development is a one-day intensive hands-on course for lean and agile product managers, designers, and developers that want to learn how to integrate the right amount of just-in-time UX processes to meet your business objective and to deliver the optimal experience to your customers that create long-term, sustainable revenue growth.

Competitive UX Benchmark Study: Ecommerce/Retail Industry

Online shopping cart abandonment rates are at an all-time high, which is exactly why retailers continue to optimize their Ecommerce websites year over year, attempting to combat this alarming trend. Check out our latest Competitive UX Benchmark Report offering key recommendations to teams who are focused on optimizing and delivering great customer experiences within the Ecommerce/Retail industry.

Should UXers get a PhD?

People often ask whether it’s a good idea to get a PhD to become a better UX researcher. It’s a tough question: is advanced education really more valuable than spending that time learning on the job? We recently tackled this topic in a discussion panel…

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