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Design Your Studies

Let us drive your study design so you can focus on your research goals across the product lifecycle

Recruit Participants

We will find representative users of your target audience, create a screener and then handle redirects, quotas and incentives

Conduct Data Analysis

Our experts can do the heavy-lifting, so you can focus on quickly liberating insights that lead to confident design decisions


Highly Experienced Team

You should view UserZoom Professional Services as an extension of your internal UX team.

Our team has quadrupled in size over the last year to over 20 researchers globally

Team includes Senior-Level Researchers with PHDs, published books and peer reviewed articles under their belts

200+ years of combined experience in the UX / CX space working for top companies

International researchers with diverse backgrounds

Comprehensive Research Offerings

UserZoom’s Professional UX Research Services complement your UserZoom subscription and help you liberate actionable insights fast at any stage of the product lifecycle.

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Extend Your Team With Ours

End-to-End Services

Our Professional Services team can handle every aspect of your studies – from planning, study building, participant recruitment, and data collection to analysis & insight reporting.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

No two clients have the exact same needs. We partner with you to understand your specific research goals and work with you to develop studies and deliver insights.

Robust Recruitment Capabilities

We will find representative users of your target audience, create a screener and then handle redirects, quotas and incentives.

Accelerated Time to Insights

We understand the needs of an agile workflow. Let us do the heavy-lifting, so you can focus on liberating insights.

Featured Researcher: Jamie Miller

Jamie is a Senior UX Researcher at UserZoom with over 10 years of experience conducting user research. She has a wide range of research experience, having conducted research activities throughout the product lifecycle in her current role and in previous roles at PayPal and Amazon, to name a few.

She is proud to say that she was on the Amazon Echo team before launch and researched the product with adults on the 'out of box experience', gathered VUI (voice user interface) speech feedback and engaged in early discovery research.

Jamie is known to help produce measurable results that tie back to business goals for the 30+ large enterprise clients in her portfolio.

Core strengths:

  • Expert in remote moderated and remote unmoderated studies
  • Manages large-scale research engagements spanning multiple devices and countries

Author of "An Introduction to Remote Moderated Research"