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"The reason why we picked UserZoom from the very beginning, is because the internationalization of this product is better than anything else on the market."

Krista Rouse

The Weather Company, IBM Business

Teams we empower...


Make confident decisions throughout development while continuously testing and iterating to keep up with on-going innovation.


Drive user-informed decisions early in product development and avoid product failure by discovering unmet needs with no delays.


Standardize your insights strategy to get the right data at every stage of development and drive your roadmap of UX improvements.

With the solutions they need...

UX insights platform

Discover our simple and secure platform to meet all your UX goals.

Dedicated research experts

Scale your UX processes with the guidance of our best-in-class research partners.

Access target audience

Recruit from over 1.3 million global participants with the right research approach.

To achieve business impact...

Multi-method research

Combine qualitative and quantitative methods to gain both attitudinal and behavioral data.

Shareable data, quicker

Fast and shareable access to behavioral data on task success rates, time on task, and visual heatmaps.

Confident design decisions

Increase confidence in your design decisions with behavioral data and higher sample sizes.

Holistic UX measurement

Quantify users’ attitudes and behaviors into a single score to improve UX health with QXscore.

The Total Economic Impact of UserZoom study

Forrester Research conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises can realize by deploying UserZoom and increasing their focus on UX Research:


Return on investment


in total benefits over three years.

<6 Months

payback period.

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