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ActiveX (IE) or an Extension (Chrome) must be installed to view Heatmaps.
All browsers must have javascript, flash and cookies enabled as well as an SSL 256-bit encryption available.
Heatmaps are not available for Safari or Firefox.

Screen Resolution

By default, the minimum screen resolution to use Manager is 1280x1024. However, to comfortably use the following areas below, the minimum recommended screen resolution is 1920x1080:

  • Creation and analysis of Screenshot Click Testing questions and Click Test tasks.
  • Creation and analysis of Tree Testing questions and Tree Test tasks.
  • Creation and analysis of Card Sorting tasks.
  • Look & Feel edition.
  • Analysis of Clickstreams.
  • Analysis of Heatmaps.
  • Cutting images when uploading them to the Multimedia Center

Internet Connection

DSL or faster.


Firewalls may prevent you from accessing the UserZoom Manager. If this is the case, contact your IT department for assistance.