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Usability Testing

Whether you're using UserZoom for remote unmoderated, moderated or lab testing, get fast, actionable insights with video, screen capture and audio of real users sharing feedback out loud as they walk through your website or app experience.


Remote Unmoderated

Automate the collection of UX insights at scale while minimizing the need for travel. Gather qualitative and quantitative data without having to prepare sessions or schedule meetings.


Remote Moderated

Interact with your users and ask questions as they go through your website, app or prototype. Return later to watch videos and create clips from your interviews.


UserZoom for the Lab

Gone are the days of patchwork technology solutions and manually porting videos, metrics, and notes for analysis and sharing. UserZoom is the single solution for conducting, analyzing, and sharing your insights, whether you're conducting research remotely or in the lab.


Study Templates

When you create your first Benchmark study within UserZoom you can use it as a template for all your future benchmark studies, allowing you to quickly and easily test iterations.


Usability Benchmarking

Make UX your competitive advantage by measuring your performance over time and against your competitors.


Fast & Cost Effective

Convince stakeholders by conducting large-scale testing quickly and cost-effectively with UserZoom’s remote unmoderated testing methodology – no moderation or expensive lab equipment needed.


Benchmark against competitors

With UserZoom you can even test your competitor’s websites, allowing for a direct comparison of key usability metrics.


Benchmarking all devices

Whether you want to benchmark your website, mobile site, mobile app, or prototypes for all the above, UserZoom’s platform has you covered.

Information Architecture Research

Define your information architecture, test your navigation and validate that your taxonomy is intuitive.


Design your IA

Run open and closed card sort studies for your users to intuitively group items together so you can optimize your site for findability.


Test Your Navigation

Minimize risk and validate your IA by running screenshot click tests, timeout tests and tree tests


Combine Multiple Methods

Leverage different research methods within the same study for greater confidence in your taxonomy



Use NPS, ease of use, brand perception and other survey types to add attitudinal data to your behavioral insights to monitor overall user and customer satisfaction.


Listen to the voice of the customer

Make informed, objective decisions based on what you know your users want.


Logic, Conditions & Piping

UserZoom's logic, conditions and piping features allow you to screen participants, show or hide questions, and dynamically carry responses through to subsequent questions, based on their responses.

Live Intercepts

Create targeted intercepts to get the right people, at the right time, for projects or for your private panel.


True Intent Testing

Intercept organic visitors on your website, mobile site or mobile app and ask them what their intentions are for visiting as well as getting actionable information about their experience.


User Feedback Monitoring for CX & VOC Programs

Continuously capture insights and track behavior to provide the most valuable experience for your users.


Choose one or multiple methods for your UX research studies

Capture participants' audio feedback as they talk their way through their experience.

Collect survey data including NPS, ease of use, brand perception, and more.

Test how users group items and define categories to organize and structure the taxonomy of your menus.

Test the structure of your menus with users so you can optimize your terminology and detect navigational issues.

Evaluate first impressions, improve clarity, increase findability, and measure the amount of time users spend completing tasks in your digital assets.

Intercept organic visitors on your website, mobile site or mobile app and ask them what their intentions are for visiting as well as getting actionable information about their experience.


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