A Free University Master's Program

for User Experience & HCI Programs



Speakers : Jeff Sauro, Tim Bosenick, Lee Cooper    

Experts agree that it is important to measure User Experience. But

*Must be a professor to qualifiy for program

What is the UserZoom University Master's Program all about?





About UserZoom


How will the program beneļ¬t both professors and students?

Students will be trained and will gain experience on a leading industry UX solution and research methods 
Professors will be provided with content and project solutions for their syllabus and curriculum
Professors will have access to UX industry researchers (UserZoom professional services team) for guidance on applying the methods to the course
You'll have the ability to work in project teams to create student projects with large data sets for statistical analyzing


Missouri Western University

...proudly displays their partnership with UserZoom on their Human Factors program page, to inform incoming students that they will have an opportunity to use the best real world solution available.

Here are a few short stories from fans of the program

Our Solution

UserZoom is an All-in-One Enterprise software solution for Online User Experience Research. Our ‘Worry-Free’ solution offers a Quantitative and Qualitative research platform to help UX/CX, Product Managers and Marketing professionals test and measure all aspects of their web and mobile properties.

What type of UX testing gives you the best insights into your users?

Unmoderated Remote User Testing enables you to reduce cost, save time, recruit with ease and improve the frequency of usability testing. With UserZoom you can run unmoderated, task-based studies with geographically dispersed participants over any web-based interface (website, prototype, mock-up). Participants take the study simultaneously, in their natural context, using their own device.

A Free University Master's Program for User Experience & HCI Programs

4 PM CET (Europe)
10 AM EDT (New York)
November 30, 2016

UserZoom values the leadership and up and coming professionals that come out of sophisticated Human Factors and User Experience University programs.

We believe that students in these programs should have access to the latest research methods and technology to be successful in their careers. UserZoom is proud to be an advocate of these programs by offering professors* the opportunity to leverage UserZoom's solution in their curriculums and ultimately give students hands-on training and experience with our solution. 

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Our partners include some of the nation's top universities

1 Main Administrator (Professor) 

5 Users or 5 Teams

3 key testing & research methods: remote usability testing, open & closed card sorting, surveys

Ability to launch 10 studies (2 per team)

Ability to collect 500 completes (50 per study)

Ability to record 500 video sessions (50 per study)


What features will the program give you access to?

San Jose State University

...is helping students complete their required coursework by offering UserZoom user experience software to its grad program students.

“I am happy to tell you that I was able to successfully collect and analyze the data needed for my master thesis using UserZoom. Thank you so much again for your help." -Gabriela Istan

University of Washington

“While participants tested upLift, UserZoom analyzed their behavior and measured things such as time, unique views and clicks, and provided us with statistics on task success rate and efficiency. It also gave us the survey response data to the initial and final questionnaires about the participants’ smart phone usage and volunteering experience in their everyday lives. Our team tried to do overall analysis of the online usability testing on upLift based on these statistics and data supplied by UserZoom." - Professor James Landay

Bentley University

“If you need to collect various UX metrics, you want to visualize abandonment or click paths, or really do anything beyond tasks and simple questions, you should consider UserZoom.” -Professor Bill Albert