While remote unmoderated UX research is gaining broad adoption, we’ve known for quite some time that moderated UX research projects still account for a majority of our customer’s projects (around 60%, based on customer interviews and product usage). The ability to interact and ask questions right then in the moment generates a tremendous amount of empathy for users, which is why it’s no surprise to us that the methodology still remains popular with researchers, designers, marketers, and product managers.

However, due to the nature of moderated testing, typically done in the lab or out in the field, scaling those efforts can be costly and inefficient. This is why we’re absolutely delighted to announce that the ability to conduct remote moderated research studies with UserZoom is now live!

Moderated & Unmoderated All On One Platform

That’s right – you can now conduct your moderated studies and your unmoderated studies on the same platform! UserZoom is now truly your one-stop-shop for all your UX research needs.

Whether you’re conducting in-person moderated studies in a usability lab, or you’re conducting remote moderated studies with participants from geographically dispersed locations, UserZoom has you covered. You’ll be able to create a moderated usability testing project directly within UserZoom, conduct sessions with an integrated video conferencing solution, and record, store and manage session recordings directly within the study, just to name a few.

Moderated sessions in UserZoom can be a specific script (consistent tasks that all participants go through) or a simple interview or conversation a moderator can conduct with the participants. This is what UX researchers refer to as a combination of structured testing combined with deeper insights generated through unstructured moderation.

As you are performing moderated testing in UserZoom, you are also provided with typical task reports such as success metrics and supporting questionnaire responses. These results are automatically summarized across all of your moderated interviews into a single report.

In addition to task reports, you’re also able to store and manage all video session recordings within UserZoom and have the ability to create clips, make marks and write comments. This makes sharing videos with teammates and stakeholders fast and simple.

Perfect Fit With Your Usability Lab

Usability labs are terrific for conducting moderated studies, but trying to combine your notes, videos, usability metrics, and analytics in one place to be easily shared can be problematic and piecemeal. The UserZoom platform simplifies this by being a single depository for your videos, notes, statistical outcomes and data.

Imagine being able to create a series of tasks and allowing the moderator to make impromptu tweaks to the study, skipping or adding tasks as needed right then and there. Then being able to easily share videos digitally with stakeholders and colleagues, along with notes and observations, without having to manually combine them from disparate sources.

The UserZoom platform makes your usability lab more efficient, and even helps with recruiting participants if necessary. Hard to reach persona that isn’t nearby? Recruit them through IntelliZoom and project the session in the lab.

No Lab? No Problem!

Labs can be quite costly, and for some organizations the cost of a space and equipment are a barrier to entry. To make matters worse, those trying to conduct remote moderated studies on their own have to use several technologies for both moderators and participants, which can lead to frustrating technological issues on both ends.

UserZoom has simplified this as well. No overhead needed for space and no expensive lab equipment – simply recruit your participants, build a study, and off you go. When they join your study they will receive the invitation for the study as well as the audio/camera bridge.

Not only is this easier from a technological standpoint, it’s also cheaper and faster to recruit participants for remote moderated studies where they can join from the comfort of their own space.

Overview of How It Works in UserZoom

While the moderator’s experience in setting up and conducting testing is important, the participant experience in joining and participating in these sessions is equally critical. If the setup is not optimal it might result in wasted time and effort for both parties, which is why we meticulously designed with both in mind.

The Moderator’s experience:

  • Create a Moderated usability test within UserZoom Manager
  • Add time slots depending upon your day/time availability
  • Recruit participants from your list of users
  • Invite them to these sessions via email templates provided by UserZoom
  • Conduct a moderated session using our integrated conferencing solution
  • Record screen, face video and audio as you interact with the participants
  • Either a structured task by task approach or just a conversation with your participants
  • All videos are stored within UserZoom Manager
  • Share these videos or create clips for further insight sharing
  • All metrics and survey responses are captured directly within UserZoom Manager reducing the need for a lot of note-taking

The participant’s experience:

  • Get invited to a moderated session (by the moderator)
  • Install and set conferencing solution
  • Join the session at the confirmed date and time
  • Participate in the moderated session by sharing screen, audio (and sometimes face video
  • Provide feedback on various tasks and question
  • Receive compensation for their time (from the moderator) after the session is completed

Here’s what a few of our customers who saw the beta had to say

“This is a big leap in terms of moderated testing and we can already see how this will cut down on the administrative time required to conduct moderated tests.”

“We were impressed by the strides you’ve made towards creating a robust tool that supports both moderated and unmoderated research.”

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