Tableau Integration, Guided Study Creation & Upcoming Moderated Testing Capabilities.

This winter season we have several exciting new features coming your way! On Tuesday December 19, you’ll experience enhancements to study creation flow and integration with leading business intelligence software, Tableau.

While we’re at it, we’ll also be giving you a sneak peek at new Moderated Testing capabilities to be released early in the new year!

Guided Study Creation

We know it’s not always easy to know which project type to select for a given research engagement or where to begin, which is why we’ve redesigned the experience of how to select a project type. This is part of a larger project we have underway to provide better guidance throughout the creation of projects.

Starting Tuesday, we’ll be adding contextual help throughout the process in the form of videos that describe what can be accomplished with each project type. These will point you in the direction of a project type that is best aligned with your research objectives.

We’ve also reduced the overall number of steps it takes to create a project, reducing the overall time it takes to field your studies.

Tableau Web Data Connector

UserZoom customers can now more seamlessly visualize UX data for more sophisticated reporting at various levels through an integration with leading data visualization software, Tableau. Using a Web Data connector, users have the flexibility to visualize a single study, leverage multiple studies to generate cross-project visualizations, and to combine UX research data with the data that the broader organization uses to measure business performance.

Perhaps best known for enabling business intelligence professionals in their analyses of complex and often disparate data sets, Tableau offers an array of chart and visualization choices, in-line calculations, and interactive filtering capabilities for a robust out-of-the-box experience.

You can now extract data directly from UserZoom to Tableau for advanced reporting capabilities. This integration makes UX research data more accessible cross-functionally, creating new opportunity for collaboration with your organizations business analysts to measure the impact that better UX has on the bottom line.

Want to learn more? You can register for our webinar, Supercharge Your Corporate Dashboards With UX Analytics, on Dec. 26th at 8am PST. Learn how you can bring UX insights into your Tableau business dashboards and get a complete 360 view of your business by bringing together financial, digital, and UX analytics into one dashboard for C-suites and product owners with Dr. Andrea Peer. Register today and get the content on-demand delivered straight to your inbox after the webinar concludes.

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Moderated Testing Coming Soon

Our customers have been leveraging UserZoom’s remote unmoderated testing capabilities over the past decade to inform product decisions with timely feedback from representative users, at scale. Many of them still do as much moderated research as they do unmoderated, but due to the nature of moderated testing, typically done in the lab or out in the field, scaling those efforts can be costly and inefficient.

This is why we’re excited to announce that we’re building new capabilities to enable moderated testing, which will be available early in 2018! You’ll be able to create a moderated usability testing project directly within UserZoom, conduct sessions with an integrated video conferencing solution, and record, store and manage session recordings directly within the study, just to name a few.

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