You can’t manage what you can’t measure, so… How do you actually measure user experience? And how do you conduct Web Customer Experience Benchmarking?

Join us and Key Lime Interactive, a UX Consulting firm, to discover what, why, and how to conduct website user experience & usability benchmarking in this complimentary webinar. You will learn how to effectively measure the quality of a website’s user experience across various competitors, within one industry, across time, using an online quantitative research methodology commonly referred to as “unmoderated remote usability testing.” Some of the benefits of UX Benchmark studies are:

  • Understanding which firm is delivering the best customer experience in a specific industry and why
  • Identifying where your company stands against its competitors
  • Quantifying areas of excellence versus areas of improvement

The webinar will include a summary of three recent industry benchmark studies we have conducted in 3 different markets. Specifically, it will include:

  • Healthcare plans in the United States
  • Internet/phone/TV bundles in the United Kingdom
  • Used cars websites in Spain