Announcing the UX playbook for today’s digital experience companies

“The Digital Experience Company: Winning in the Digital Economy With Experience Insights" serves as a UX handbook for business leaders, reminding why UX Insights are the lifeblood of successful and profitable digital experiences.

UserZoom, the pioneer of the Digital User Experience (UX) Insights category, today announced that Alfonso de la Nuez - Co-Founder & Co-CEO - is launching his first book: The Digital Experience Company: Winning in the Digital Economy With Experience Insights. The book explains why it is so critical to get UX Design right and how brands can make it a competitive advantage for companies in their digital transformation journeys. 

Alfonso argues why, in a post-pandemic world, every company in every sector is a Digital Experience company, and must deliver a premium front-end design that end users and customers will love and recommend. Most importantly, he highlights real-life examples, including Amazon, Zoom, IKEA and PayPal, where delivering great UX is intrinsically linked to business performance. 

Business leaders should not just limit themselves to ‘being a digital company’, or being ‘in the software business’, investing in Enterprise-grade IT, data management and back-end infrastructure to support their digital channels. These are important, but are simply not enough. The Digital Experience Company shows why world-class front-end UX Design is also required. Step by step, Alfonso explores today’s revolutionary way to build software, where businesses are focused on the end user at every stage of the product development life cycle and make decisions based on real user insights. Conducting continuous UX Research and user testing is absolutely critical to being a successful Digital Experience company. 

Running UX Research used to be slow and expensive. Fortunately, today product design teams have innovative software solutions that help scale and automate UX Research and are user insights-driven. However, Alfonso also argues that ‘getting it right’ is not only about technology or tools, but about culture – and leadership buy-in is a key component, as well as cross-functional collaboration from everyone.

“My book, The Digital Experience Company, is about making it clear to today’s business leaders that it takes great UX Design to provide superior digital product experiences,” said Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, UserZoom. "We’re the decade of design. In 2022 every company is a Digital Experience company and they need to provide memorable product experiences that users will love and recommend to others. You can accomplish this with a customer centric culture, and those that do are seeing invaluable return on investment and faster growth compared to their competitors.” 

Digital Experience Heavyweights Applaud “The Digital Experience Company”

  • “The world has gone remote, and very often the only way to interact with customers is through a digital channel. Alfonso’s book focuses on a topic many leaders have still not fully grasped today: to stay competitive in the digital economy you need to deliver a great experience and focus on the customer. The book helps you understand why it’s so important to focus on product design, customer happiness, and user research. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to upgrade their digital footprint.” – Eric Yuan, CEO and founder, Zoom
  • “All companies are software-driven (at least partly), many customer interactions are digital, and brand is experience. Any of these three is enough to care about user experience, but the combo means that UX is destiny. This book explains all this. More importantly, it explains what to do about it. Read and prosper – or ignore and die.” – Jakob Nielsen, PhD, user advocate and principal, Nielsen Norman Group
  • “At a time when companies obsess over big data and agile delivery, Alfonso de la Nuez delivers a critical message: How to interweave complementary insights about the digital experience of the customer into modern business practices at scale.” –Christian Rohrer, PhD, VP Experience Design, TD Bank

Published by ForbesBooks, The Digital Experience Company is available to buy in hardcopy format on from August 2nd.