Effortlessly create UX studies with the new study selector for UserZoom

Introducing our new study selection flow, which makes choosing the right approach for your research faster and easier than ever before.

Choosing the right approach to take is a crucial step in any research project. You want to be confident that you’re choosing the study type that produces the best results, without having to spend a ton of time deciding between multiple options. 

Our new study selection flow makes choosing the right approach for your research faster and easier than ever before. We’ve simplified the process of creating a new study by moving study selection into a single, easy to navigate page, while also providing you updated visuals and contextual help.

Using the all-new study selection flow

The new study selection flow is now available and included for all UserZoom customers. There is nothing extra you need to do. Just click  ‘Create study’ in the upper-right corner in your UserZoom dashboard and you’ll see the all-new experience. 

Single page, simper choices

Single page selection flow

Study selection now lives on a single easy-to-view page. This page shows you all your available study options without you needing to jump back and forth between multiple pages. You can even move back and forth between choices on this page without any interruptions! 

New look for a better experience 

You’ll notice that we’ve created fresh new icons that better communicate the function of each study type. These icons have been designed so you can easily understand the type of study you are conducting at just a glance. 

Guiding you along

As you progress through the selection flow, you’ll now be shown all the options that are available for that study type.

For example, selecting a Basic Usability Test will only show the devices that can be used with that study type. You will always know the options available for a study type before you make your choice and before you kick off your research.

Study selection flow walkthrough

Click on the video to watch how we've simplified your study selection experience.

To summarize...

Enjoy a faster and simpler study selection flow today, redesigned to help you quickly choose the right approach for your research. If you have any feedback please reach out using the UserZoom ideas portal. 

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