Product update: IntelliZoom, the intelligent participant sourcing engine, and screener capabilities

Faster, better, easier participant sourcing!

At Userzoom, we know that quickly finding the right participants for your UX research matters. Especially as leaders across industries discover the correlation between great experience and revenue, and why more and more enterprises are counting on feedback from their users to inform their critical business decisions.

Next Generation Participant Sourcing Engine

This is why we built IntelliZoom, UserZoom’s Intelligent Participant Sourcing Engine. IntelliZoom gives you access to over 120 million users globally, over 28 million of whom can be leveraged instantly for Think-Out-Loud video studies. Integrated with the world’s leading participant providers, IntelliZoom gives you access to the most relevant representative users for any type of research objective, with even the most specific screening criteria.

Kuldeep Kelkar – Global VP of Professional Services 
“Finding the right participants is critical for every UX research project. IntelliZoom combines the power of several panel sources to reach the right participants, fast.”

This new release also expands UserZoom’s footprint in Europe.

Jamie Mellalieu – VP of Sales EMEA 
“Thanks to IntelliZoom, finding high-quality participants in the UK has never been faster or easier. With this level of access to participants, this solution ensures that choosing UserZoom is always the smart option for European enterprises looking to improve their user experiences."

UserZoom was architected to be panel agnostic in order to deliver on diverse audience criteria. This means that in addition to sourcing participants through IntelliZoom, clients with a subscription to UserZoom’s platform will continue to benefit from the ability to source their own users completely free of charge, inviting them to participate with a unique URL through just about any channel.

With both participant sourcing solutions available to UserZoom’s customers, sourcing participants has never been faster or easier.

New Screener Question Capabilities

But how can you be sure that you’re asking the right users? How do you know that the users that have been invited to participate in your study are representative of the audience and the feedback you’re after?

With UserZoom, you can screen participants into or out of your study based on their answers to specific questions to determine whether a user is an ideal representation of your target audience and therefore qualified to provide feedback. UserZoom’s customers will now enjoy a powerful new self-serve screener for their ‘Think-Out-Loud’ usability studies, allowing them to be more selective in their sourcing efforts and, without forgoing speed, get the most actionable insights.

Kevin Newton, UX Researcher at ServiceMaster 
“UserZoom’s Think-Out-Loud usability studies allow me to design an unmoderated usability study and launch it out to the panel immediately. This makes it really seamless for me. Hours later I have the results, I have the videos, I can get the quantitative stats if that’s what I chose to do, and in one day I can present results to my stakeholders."

Advanced screeners are also available for all other study types to give clients even deeper precision with who makes it into their projects, allowing customers to find the right users faster and easier than ever before.

Andrew Jensen, VP of Product 
“We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the most powerful UX research solution in the market. This is why we’ve developed IntelliZoom, our participant sourcing engine, and our advanced screener capabilities. These, together with our recent advancements in core platform technology, will enable our customers to gather the UX insights they need to craft great online experiences.”

UserZoom gives you the flexibility needed to source the most qualified participants, so that you can ultimately get the most relevant feedback to inform your business-critical product decisions.