Speed up your analysis with automated video transcription for UserZoom GO

Getting insights from your videos just got even faster!

Today, organizations want faster, more digestible customer insights - and they want them now. UserZoom GO empowers your organization to get those digestible insights, whether through moderated or unmoderated studies.

And now, getting insights from your videos just got even faster!

With Automated Transcripts, everything spoken in any video in UserZoom GO is now automatically transcribed. By converting hours of videos to text in minutes, it’s faster and more efficient than ever to review and share the insights and empathy that matters.

Important features:

  • Easily search your transcript for important keywords
  • Jump to any part of your video by clicking on the transcript

Getting started with Automated Transcripts

Automated Transcripts is now available and included for all UserZoom GO customers on Team, Corporate or Plus plans. As the name suggests, there’s nothing extra you need to do to create your Automated Transcripts, just go to any video and see the transcript right next to it. 

Why use Automated Transcripts?

Automated Transcripts are great for analyzing large batches of video, or quickly scanning your videos for aha! moments, as they allow you to see patterns and pull out insights faster. We still recommend you watch back your videos to truly understand and empathize with your participants. 

Jump to any part of the video

Analysis of qualitative research has a reputation for being slow and arduous, involving listening to recordings, pausing, typing a bit, rewinding, listening again, pausing, rewinding, and so on...

But no more.

When you find an aha! moment in your transcript worth hearing for yourself, simply click on it and the video player jumps to that moment in your recording.

Searching your transcript

Have keywords or themes you want to focus on? Simply search at the top of the transcript to shortcut your time-to-insight.

Make video analysis faster and more efficient. If you’re a UserZoom GO customer, you can get started with Automated Transcripts today!

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*Note: Automated Transcripts have also been made available for users on Basic & Experience plans to try out until October 20th, 2021.