The UserZoom Academy is live and offering UX training courses

Announcing the UserZoom Academy offering free training courses across all major UX research methods.

UserZoom, the UX Insights Company™, announced today that their UserZoom Academy is now live. The goal of the UserZoom Academy is to provide a place of UX learning for all, with the outlook that anyone and everyone who wants to contribute to creating better experiences can and should be able to do so.

This is more pertinent than ever, as UserZoom CEO and Co-Founder Alfonso de la Nuez explains, “The demand for UX insights is far bigger than the supply of experienced professionals who can deliver those insights. We’re also witnessing the ‘democratization’ of research and usability testing – in other words, non-traditional UX roles conducting user research – as this demand continues to grow.”

That’s why the UserZoom Academy offers free training courses across all major UX research methods, enabling practitioners of all experience levels to further enhance their professional development and provide the robust, actionable insights their organizations need to create better user experiences.

Advance your skills and knowledge to create better digital experiences