Understand how users think and feel with our brand new research solution: Attitudes and Usage

UserZoom is proud to announce our first ever ‘discovery’ product: Attitudes and Usage.

This blend of quantitative and qualitative research will give you actionable insight into how your users  feel about existing digital experiences in order to help you develop products they truly need and desire.  All brought to you by our awesome Services team – your strategic partner for all things UX.

What are Attitudes and Usage studies?

Attitudes and Usage (A&U) is an exploratory quantitative and qualitative approach which rapidly discovers people’s attitudes and usage of existing brands or digital experiences.

It consists of a survey of 300 participants to surface the attitudes, behaviours, barriers and pain points of using a product. Alongside this survey we run a series of in-depth 1:1 remote moderated sessions with 6 participants, which provides quick and detailed insights of what users think and do and why.

Combining these approaches helps you understand your audiences’ attitudes and behaviours (and barriers and triggers) to using a product or concept in order to better shape product development.

Why do you need A&U from UserZoom?

  • Consumers are continually changing, if you don’t understand how they think and why their opinions change you’ll lose their business
  • You need insights fast; if you wait months for a research study you will have lost the opportunity to deliver what customers needed in that moment
  • You need to focus on a particular product/experience rather than wade through huge amounts of data to understand what you need to improve
  • Investigate unmet needs to help generate new feature/product/experience ideas
  • Implement user needs, preferences, and requirements as early as possible in the product development lifecycle
  • Learn more about a new user group’s current experience

Who is A&U for?

This solution will particularly benefit product owners and UX teams looking to get involved earlier in the product development lifecycle, which is the number one concern facing UX teams in 2020.

However, A&U can help organisations understand their audiences at the earliest possible stage, to shape product development or a concept, therefore it’s relevant to anyone from research, design, marketing, product teams and beyond.

What do you actually get with the A&U solution?

  • 300 participant survey: A focused survey that provides rapid, actionable insights based on what customers think of specific products and experiences.
  • In-depth 1:1 interviews with 6 participants: Remote moderated interviews will move beyond surface-level trends to help you understand what people really think and feel.
  • Full report and executive summary: Our team will create a full report providing qualitative and quantitative insights and recommendations, as well as a top-line report perfect for executives and stakeholders.