UserZoom adds automated participant sourcing to help target your desired users

It’s time for another round of UserZoom product enhancements!

We’re constantly innovating and iterating based on customer feedback, and with every update deployed we hope we bring you closer to your own customers wants and needs.

Product updates such as these are happening constantly behind the scenes, so you may not hear about every new development (we’re basically more shark than owl now – if we stop we’ll die!) however we’re so thrilled about our latest release, we thought we’d highlight some of the things we’re most excited about.

These include: automated participant sourcing for all unmoderated research methods (which we’re very excited about) and self-service screeners for all research and recruitment methods (which we’re very, very excited about).

Automated Participant Sourcing

We know participant sourcing should be FAST.

Now it’s breathtakingly fast…

UserZoom customers can now enjoy automated recruiting for all of our unmoderated UX research methodologies – including Basic Qualitative Usability Testing, Advanced UX Research, Tree Tests, Card Sorts, Click Tests or Surveys (or a combination of all). You can automatically launch studies to the right participants and get rapid results. You don’t even need to contact anybody!

This makes us the industry’s first platform that offers self-service task building AND automated participant recruitment for all your UX research needs. This ultimately means you can build, recruit and launch an advanced UX test completely on your own, which truly means UX insights delivered to your company, with scale and speed.

UserZoom’s integration with the Prodege and WhatUsersDo panels means that our intelligent participant sourcing engine – Intellizoom – can ensure rapid access to a large and diverse base of participants. This is further strengthened with our partnership with Knowbility and their AccessWorks panel, which includes people who have a range of physical and cognitive impairments.

These wide-ranging and diverse participant sources will help researchers, product managers and designers across the globe access the timely data they need to carry out UX testing in an agile environment, while gaining all the insights necessary for major UX decisions.

And don’t forget, if self-service sourcing automation is not what you’re looking for, we still deliver an uncompromising UX research package with full support from our professional services team – so please get in touch.

Recruitment screener questions for ALL research methods

We know finding the right participants should be simple.

Now it’s elementary…

So you’re about to run a usability test on some function of your website, app or digital product. Great! But how can you guarantee that you’re inviting the *right* people to participate in your study?

You can now define exactly who you want to test with, for any and all research methods by creating your own targeting questions. This gives you the empowerment necessary to ensure you’re gaining insights from only the most valuable and relevant participants. Screeners can be saved and copied across multiple studies, or you can use pre-approved Screeners from UserZoom’s Screener library.

For super-targeted participant profiles, you can also use Guided Auto-Sourcing, where our panel team oversee your recruitment to ensure everything goes to plan. By automating each step rather than the sourcing process as a whole, Guided Auto-Sourcing adds the flexibility required to meet your more complex requirements while ensuring you still get fast results.

UserZoom Customers can now easily request and receive support from our experienced panel & research team, so you can request our assistance for more challenging recruits.

Screener questions are all about testing with only your target users, which ensures your results are valid and insights are genuinely valuable.