UserZoom announces partnership with Fuel Cycle

New partnership expedites the speed and efficiency with which brands can conduct UX research

Fuel Cycle, the leading all-in-one market research solution, announced today, in efforts to optimize research capabilities in user experience, a new strategic partnership with UserZoom, the leading UX insights company in UX research and usability testing. UserZoom’s mission is to scale UX research through speed and automation, which carefully aligns with Fuel Cycle’s commitment to empower continuous research that is up-to-speed with the demanding and ever-changing global market.

Creating and testing a great user experience is essential to a brand’s presence and identity. UserZoom’s platform enables organizations to conduct usability tests and fine-tune the user experience – but these teams face the obstacle of quickly and dependably tapping into the right participants for their studies. Coupled with the power of Fuel Cycle’s online research communities, UserZoom customers can reliably gather business-critical UX insights by engaging their base of readily available customers and target audiences.

This partnership allows Fuel Cycle clients to harness the power of various UX methodologies including usability testing, usability benchmarking, information architecture research, surveys, and live intercepts to optimize the UX of any digital product at any stage.

“Every company in the world is becoming a digital company and thus, the difference between a mediocre user experience and a phenomenal user experience can be the difference between success and failure. UserZoom’s best-in-class user experience platform helps analysts make the right decisions because your respondent profiling data stored on Fuel Cycle is available for analysis in UserZoom,” says Rick Kelly, SVP of Product & Research at Fuel Cycle, “We’re excited to partner with another company helping enterprises succeed in an increasingly competitive world.”

Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-CEO of UserZoom says of partnering with Fuel Cycle, “Whether it’s conducting market research or UX research or usability testing, finding the right participants to get actionable insights from has always been a challenge for organizations. That’s why I’m excited for this partnership with Fuel Cycle – imagine inviting your existing customers who are already engaged with your brand into your UX research studies using UserZoom’s platform! This cuts down on recruiting time and cost, speeds up data collection and enables companies to get fast actionable UX insights while maintaining the necessary high-quality standard in responses.”

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