UserZoom product release: All new simple and secure remote moderated testing

Quickly iterate on making great digital experiences with a simple, secure way to talk and listen to users, which makes it easier for everyone involved.

Now more than ever, technology that empowers organizations to talk with and listen to users is critical to creating great experiences. Taking conversations that have traditionally been held in person, and scaling them to be simple, secure and efficient was our priority as we developed our all new remote moderated testing solution.

The result is your new virtual lab, which makes it easy for everyone involved in research — moderators, participants, and stakeholders — to take part in the conversations that allow you to quickly iterate and make great experiences based on user empathy.

Here’s a quick summary of our new moderated solution, with further details below.

Easy for everyone
Purpose-built for a simple, seamless moderated testing experience:

  • Test any web-based experience on desktop, without installing a desktop app
  • Test any digital experience on mobile, with no SDK or coding required
  • Class-leading participant experience

Simply secure
Built for enterprise security:

  • No dependency on web-conferencing solutions
  • A virtual waiting room, so participants only join when you’re ready
  • A hidden observation room for fool-proof stakeholder viewing and note-taking
  • Built-in private chat between the moderator, note-takers and observers
  • No need for anyone to download any desktop app or exe. file
  • Held to existing SOC 2 type 2 standards that UserZoom customers expect

Built to scale moderated research
Get the efficiency and effectiveness of a virtual lab:

  • Choose the right approach to meet your goals – choose Structured Interviews for task-based sessions that are conducive to faster insight and analysis, or choose Open Interviews for when you need to dig deeper and have dynamic conversations with your participants.
  • Faster time to insights with live time-stamped notes for moderators and note-takers, so you can begin analysis in-session and then review notes alongside videos, transcripts and metrics after

Easy for everyone

It’s simpler than ever for you to set up user interviews, moderate those conversations and summarize the results. With our new moderated solution, you can test any web-based prototype, desktop or mobile website, or desktop and native mobile app without installing an SDK or any code.

By streamlining the experience for your participants, they can focus exclusively on giving high-quality feedback. Participants have nothing to download, with the option of nothing to install, and no new web conferencing tool to learn, while an automated ‘setup check’ upon joining a session ensures they enter with their tech working correctly.

In your session, the moderator even manages the participant camera and microphone, so that participants experience fewer distractions.

Sitting behind a virtual two-way mirror, your stakeholders can seamlessly join and watch your moderated sessions without distracting your participants. Team members can easily join as note-takers, where they can watch, listen, take notes and chat only with the moderator.

You can also invite any stakeholders to watch as observers in a foolproof experience – where they join with a just click, are invisible to participants, have their mics disabled, are restricted to chatting with only the moderator, and then watch the session from ‘behind the glass.’

Simply secure

We’ve developed our new solution with proprietary technology purpose-built for moderated research. The result is a secure solution independent of any repurposed third-party web conferencing tools, and therefore not exposed to any of the ongoing security and privacy concerns inherent in them.

On desktop devices, your participants won’t need to download anything, so no executable files or desktop apps are left on their device after your session. When conducting unstructured open interviews, participants won’t even need to install a browser extension; they can simply click their joining link and enter the study.

Before joining your session, participants enter a waiting room, so that you can control who enters and when. You can even schedule multiple sessions back-to-back, so that when you’re ready, you can invite a new participant in after another has left, without the moderator ever exiting the session.

With note-takers and observers hidden from the participant ‘behind the glass’, they are still able to chat privately with the moderator to provide feedback or suggest questions to ask.

Stakeholders can chat with Moderators from ‘behind the glass’

Built to scale moderated research

Face-to-face research can be fundamental to generating real user empathy, and to uncovering the insights that empower you to create great digital experiences. Our new moderated solution is built to help you create those human connections and conversations, while empowering you with the automation, reach and scale to get those insights more efficiently.

With live integrated and time-stamped note-taking, moderators and note-takers can begin analysis with notes in-session, and reach moments of insight faster during analysis by reviewing these notes in context alongside the session transcript and video. Structured Interviews can feature task-based and survey questions, adding consistency to your sessions and enabling you to capture more data points that speed up and contextualize your insights.

It’s more common than ever before that organizations need to collaborate on research remotely. Our new moderated solution allows your team and your stakeholders to easily and effectively collaborate on, and watch research in-person, no matter where they are. The virtual lab also enables you to expand your reach, so that you can conduct research with participants, joining from their homes and offices across the globe.


By taking the conversations that have traditionally been held in person, and scaling them to be simple, secure and efficient, UserZoom has developed your new virtual lab.

Our new remote moderated solution makes it easy for everyone to take part in the conversations that empower your organization to quickly iterate and make great experiences based on user empathy. In the coming months we’ll be further iterating on this solution, with the aim of making moderated research even simpler and more efficient.