UserZoom product update: serious about security

As the purpose-built UX insights platform for the enterprise, UserZoom is continuing to ensure the toughest data security and privacy standards are met.

As part of that continued dedication to security and privacy, we’ve recently released updates to our remote moderated testing solution, to give you greater peace of mind when conducting 1:1 remote interviews with users.

Reinforced security for Remote Moderated sessions

In line with latest security best practices, we are implementing the following updates to our remote moderated testing solution:

Waiting Room – Now when participants join your remote moderated session, they will remain in the waiting room until the moderator invites them in. This gives the moderator the authority to only invite in the participants they want, when they want.

File Transfer – We’ve updated our settings so that it’s no longer possible to send files within the session, to prevent any sharing of potentially malicious files. It will still be possible to share links.

Participant Name – Participants are now unable to name or rename themselves in the session, so your team is always aware of exactly who you are talking to.

In addition to these agile enhancements to the security of our moderated technology, this year UserZoom will launch an all-new remote moderated solution, including additional features and safeguards that maintain best-in-class security standards for UX research.

Security is our priority

UserZoom is the first and only UX research solution to become both SOC2 Type I and SOC2 Type II compliant. By passing these SOC2 independent third-party audits, UserZoom has demonstrated its ability to meet and exceed industry standards related to security and confidentiality, among others.

UserZoom is also both GDPR and CCPA compliant, with built-in controls to ensure your studies meet these data privacy requirements. You can learn more about UserZoom’s authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO),data encryption and storage, platform service availability and security processes here