UserZoom product update: test any mobile prototype with Adobe XD & Figma

Quick insights, confident design decisions.

In this agile release, we’re making it possible for you to make quick and confident design decisions across more types of digital properties.

Test Adobe XD and Figma Prototypes on mobile

We know that many UserZoom customers use Adobe XD or Figma to design and collaborate on the creation of new digital experiences. So it’s been a priority to extend support for these solutions so you can now test any mobile prototype with a Basic Usability Test. This is in addition to the existing support of many other prototyping solutions, such as Invision, Axure and Sketch.

By testing any prototype on any device with UserZoom, you can make users part of your design collaboration and decision-making process. Significantly, UserZoom helps you make these design decisions faster, and with more confidence.

Whether UserZoom sources for you, or you source your own participants, seeing and hearing from users as they interact with your prototypes gives you the confidence to move quickly. UserZoom empowers you to make the design decisions that could otherwise slow you down through ideation, design and development.

Talk with users about any mobile experience

With the recent release of our all-new moderated research solution, which makes moderated research simple and secure for everyone, it’s now also possible to talk with your users about any experience on mobile, including prototypes and native apps, with no SDK and nothing to code.