UX 360 Report: Software Edition [Infographic]

Highlighting the five key things to remember when launching a UX measurement program.

User experience (UX) is now widely recognized as being essential to business strategy and is recognized for having a positive impact on a number of key performance indicators and business goals. However, data compiled in our UX 360 report found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of digital experience professionals wish they could prove the value of UX to leadership. 

Executives are only likely to continuously invest in UX if they see tangible results. Therefore it’s crucial for digital experience professionals to demonstrate the value of UX improvements in an analytically rigorous manner that’s directly tied to business goals.

In the following infographic, we highlight the five most important things to remember when launching a UX measurement program. (You can also download the high-res PDF here)

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How to take the invisible and make it measurable

In our new ebook, we offer practical guidance for launching, managing, and scaling a UX measurement program. One that helps you drive a roadmap of UX improvements and secure the budgets you need to run larger-scale research projects.