What’s new with UserZoom in 2022?

What we’ve launched so far and what’s next on our roadmap for the year ahead.

The first half of 2022 has been a busy and exciting time at UserZoom. We’ve launched several features and capabilities to enhance your experience and we’re thrilled to announce that the best is yet to come. 

The last few months have seen improvements and new products launched across the UserZoom platform, our recruitment engine and Research Services. 

These include:

  • Simplified mobile UX research with Codeless Mobile App Testing
  • Enhancements to remote moderated user research experience
  • Streamlined session scheduling and incentive distribution
  • Expanded participant panel globally
  • New study and transcription languages
  • More flexible screener logic
  • UserZoom’s Accessibility UX Research service 

Here’s more detail on how we're elevating your research in 2022:

Research design

Easier mobile app testing with codeless capabilities

Earlier this year, we released Codeless mobile app testing—a quick and easy way to gain insights into your mobile application, without the need for a software engineer to integrate any code at all. 

We find this solution especially useful for testing competitor applications since all you need to test is the app store URL. With codeless app testing, we capture all of the screen and audio from your participants and even allow you to test pre-launch applications on iOS. 

Codeless Mobile App Testing is live now for both Apple iOS and Google Android for all subscription plans, so you can:

  • Effortlessly test user experiences without the need to integrate an SDK
  • See everything your participant sees, and hear what they think as they use any app
  • Test at any stage of the product development lifecycle, including pre-live apps via iOS testflight

Participant recruitment

Want to scale your moderated UX research? Let UserZoom recruit for you

Qualitative UX research can be slow and intensive to recruit. With the introduction of our purpose-built, fully automated platform to scale your qualitative research, we’re happy to report that this is no longer the case. We’ve made enhancements to automated recruiting for moderated and screener logic, so you can:

  • Find quality participants, faster
  • Streamline session scheduling and incentive distribution
  • Manage your sessions calendar
  • Find and share insights faster

With the iterative releases, we’ve been able to observe usage and collect feedback which allowed us to identify features that could use adjustments, giving you the ability to:  

  • Fill studies faster
  • Offer an in-product guide for scheduling best practices, so participants have more flexibility to scheduling a time that works for them
  • Modify screeners for more flexibility
  • Block no-shows from rescheduling for the same study

Screener question improvements

By adding a brand new enhancement to multi-select screener questions, we have provided you with more flexibility and control in finding the right people to participate in a study.

Choose if a multi-select screener question “must” be selected or “may” be selected for a participant to qualify for a study. We’ve simplified the way you can update old screeners, in that now you can use this new logic right from the recruitment section. 

Experience our new, easy process for creating screening questions

Improvements to the screener will allow you to identify the best study participants with new logic for multi-select questions.

We will allow participants to select more than one answer, with the requirement that they also select a qualifying answer as well. Gain more control, get better results.

Analysis and results

Faster video player analysis

Analyzing moderated and unmoderated study videos in UserZoom is even faster now with our updated Study Tab in the Video Player. Instead of our users having to toggle between ratios and responses and the session recording, users can now see all participant information including recruitment segment and screener answers side-by-side with the video.

Also for studies with multiple tasks, the tasks are broken out and labeled with their corresponding icon.  You can click on the icons to easily jump to that part of the video. 

Transcribe your moderated studies in 11 additional languages

You can now accelerate your global research program by transcribing your moderated studies in 11 additional languages within UserZoom’s video player. The language you chose at the beginning while building a study will be transcribed in that same language during video analysis.

We initially supported English and Spanish, but now our languages include:

  • Arabic
  • Brazilian 
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Turkish

Collaborate in real-time with collaborative editing in EnjoyHQ

Create and edit content with your team with our improved collaboration capabilities. Take notes, brainstorm ideas, and create project plans together with your team, at the same time.

Updated formatting

We offer an updated formatting experience that’ll make your day-to-day usage much easier.

Performance upgrades

We’ve pushed out huge performance upgrades to the speed and stability of the content creation back-end in EnjoyHQ.

Accessibility testing

Let’s switch gears and spotlight something that has seen an increase in demand across the last couple of quarters. Along with having access to UserZoom’s research platform, many of our customers partner with our UX research delivery team to conduct more sophisticated and strategic custom projects for their organization, one of which is accessibility testing.

Here is some of what we offer in our accessibility testing service:

  • Build Empathy & Inclusivity: Show pain points via clips and quotes for impact and provide recommendations for making site more inclusive
  • Sourcing: Partnership with specialized accessibility sourcing panel
  • Expertise: Expertise in testing with assistive technology users
  • Reduce Risk & Validate: Validate audit findings & uncover new findings and prevent costly litigation by addressing issues now

Customer example

Here’s an example of how one large retail company executed the goal of making its site more inclusive and accessible.

They set their study up to be a moderated, task-based, baseline and retest that included blind & low-vision participants using screen readers.

Outcome: The retest showed the impact of improvements made, they were able to identify and prioritize new areas that needed improvement and testing, and they were able to build empathy and awareness for low-vision and blind users.

Coming soon

In addition to all the exciting things that have been released in 2022 (so far), we’d also like to mention several updates that are expected to be released in the second half of the year (something we covered in our latest webinar)! 

We’re introducing a new collaborator role

With this addition, you can bring more people from your organization into UserZoom and further socialize research and insights across your team, enduring no risk to the quality of your research.

Our new demo accounts will include sample studies

We’ll soon be offering a dedicated space to review and learn from research studies that our team has built and launched. You can educate your teams and stakeholders about how great research is built, plus the outputs and insights it can generate. 

An optimized video page and highlight-reel experience

With quick filtering and faster viewing, you’ll be able to do more with videos. Our all-new highlight reels can soon be shared with people outside of UserZoom via a public shareable link. Also, you can reorder clips in a highlight reel and add descriptions to best share the research story.

Do more with your data with our updates to data exports

We’ll ship updates that make reading and analyzing exported data more intuitive, as well as provide a new .csv export option. We’ll also make some back-end architecture updates that will greatly improve export efficiency and speed.

We’ll be expanding our international footprint for participant recruiting

Get insights from users in a range of new territories with our upcoming global expansion. This end-to-end experience in local languages will boost study conversion and the quality of your insights. We’re offering easy-to-understand estimates of your recruitment costs before a study launches, when and how credits have been used with a new credits table and self-service credits purchases. You will soon be able to top up your credit balance within UserZoom itself. Eliminate the need for manual requests and get credits into customer accounts faster.

Get ready for a brand new EnjoyHQ home—a springboard for your team

We’ll be presenting key information to help you, your team and your stakeholders, so they can grasp and learn the platform with ease. You’ll be able to speed up your research workflows with a safe and understandable homepage. What’s more, we’re also implementing global navigation changes for EnjoyHQ that’ll improve the experience of navigating the platform.

To conclude

We’re so happy to have had you join us on this journey so far! Our continued mission is to bring you a solution that truly meets your ambitions and empowers you to create experiences your customers love. We’ll continue to listen and be inspired by our users, deploying even more exciting, industry-defining solutions to your needs.

If you’d like to learn more about what’s new and what’s coming, please watch our on-demand webinar where we spotlight all that’s released and coming soon in 2022.