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Everything you need in one place to quickly understand your users and test your designs at the speed of development.

UserZoom for UX Designers

UX Designers at top companies rely on UserZoom for fast, meaningful insights to fuel innovation.

Accurately understand your users’ pain points

Confidently answer all the questions that matter with unmoderated studies that reach a wide audience and moderated interviews for deeper one-on-one conversations. Our automated participant recruitment speeds up the process while delivering high-quality data.

Quickly test designs while ensuring they meet your goals

Test prototypes quickly at every design stage with click tests that measure task success at scale across a valid number of users, all within a single study.

Fast access to meaningful, shareable insights

Speed time to insights with the ability to analyze video interviews and quickly create clips. Easily generate and share insightful heat maps and reports on task success. Work with a dedicated UX expert to help you figure out the best approach to communicate insights.

"Having Userzoom has transformed the way in which we're able to deliver insight, and our roles would be virtually impossible to perform without it. Outputs from our testing help us positively impact the lives of our customers every day."

Darren Blane

Lead UX Designer at Legal & General

Make digital experiences open to all

In UserZoom’s comprehensive guide to accessibility, learn how to design and improve digital products for users with a range of disabilities.

Get the insight you need to fuel exceptional user experiences