Create experiences to engage, convert, and grow your audience

Make customer-centric decisions at every point in the digital customer journey

UserZoom for Marketers

Marketing teams at leading brands rely on UserZoom to build empathy, and optimize the customer journey and omnichannel experience.

Everything Marketers need to conduct customer research all in one place

Survey and interview customers and prospects, test designs, copy and CTAs for websites, product pages and apps–all from a single research platform.

Quickly talk to customers to discover unmet needs and opportunities

Automatically recruit and schedule in-depth customer and prospect interviews. Review video recordings quickly with automated transcription, tagging and notations. Easily and seamlessly moderate interviews while ensuring privacy and professionalism

Measure the impact of design changes on key conversion points across your website or app

Compare how design, copy, and CTA changes impact conversion without relying on NPS or CSAT before updates go live. Measure conversion performance with QXscore, a single measure that combines behavioral and attitudinal measures and aligns with key business performance indicators. 

Expand your team with our research experts

We can augment your team with ongoing support from one of our researchers, or deliver project-based research from start to finish. Our full-service team will identify key areas for improvement, optimize conversion points and take your customer experience to the next level.

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Customer story

How Whistle boosts conversions 47X with UX research

In less than a year after partnering with UserZoom, the Whistle marketing team applied UX research insights to increase site conversion by an astounding 4,700%

"UserZoom allowed us to quickly and easily test online assets that we hadn't previously been able to test. As a result, we were able to change the elements of our ecommerce content that were most closely linked with conversion rates, ultimately leading to an increase in sales."

UserZoom user

Ecommerce team at Reckitt Benckiser

"Nothing talks like data and UserZoom allows marketers to get statistically significant insights quickly with minimal investment."

Patricia Ferrin

Senior Marketing Strategist GR8 Innovations Inc.

"I'm using UserZoom to test copy and placements to see what resonates the most with customers. I don't have to make a decision about the design myself because I have reliable data pointing me in the right direction. This saves me a lot of time and uncertainty."

Sarah H.

Product Designer

Get the insight you need to fuel exceptional user experiences.