Build the right thing, build it right

Make quick, customer-informed choices with the right research at every stage of product development 

UserZoom for Product Managers

Product Managers rely on UserZoom to surface UX insights throughout the product development lifecycle to make confident decisions.

Agile answers at every stage of development

Quickly identify unmet user needs, understand if your information architecture is working and see how users behave when they engage with your digital experience, so you can build the right thing, the right way.

One platform to recruit, learn, and act fast

Time to insights has never been faster. With one platform you can learn what to build and why. Recruit participants for any kind of research method –  from a handful to hundreds – for moderated interviews to surveys, and everything in between.

Measure UX performance

Rationalize and prioritize product features with the only UX metric that measures the performance of digital experiences.

You don't need to be a research expert to get valuable insights

Our research experts will guide you, helping you efficiently find the right participants, including your customers,  build and execute the right study methods and shorten the time to produce valid insights.

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"Our leadership loved their NPS scores and spent many hours of conversation on how NPS is valuable for measuring loyalty and measuring people's attitudes. But, it doesn't really tell you what the people are actually doing in your product.” 

Senior Program Manager of Product Operations

Leading Tech Giant for Creative Professionals 

How to avoid product failure

Companies spend millions developing digital products, yet product failure rate runs at 40%. How can you develop a product that’s risk-free, and something your customers will actually use? 

In this ebook, we provide expert advice on common reasons for product failure, and how you can avoid wasting time and money.

Discover how to make the right investments with the right insights