Announcing: UserZoom GO and our brand evolution

As you can see *waves hand around entire website* things are a little different at UserZoom today.

But before we get into the how, let’s explain the why...

For the last few years, there’s been an increasing demand for UX insights and collaboration among product, design, UX, and marketing teams, as these are critical factors in delivering better digital experiences to users. 

But this shouldn’t be the preserve of enterprise-level companies. Research is for everyone, and insights should be available to all teams, no matter the size of their company or UX maturity.

Therefore there’s a need for a solution that helps everyone at all levels run research and reveal valuable insights while collaborating with other teams in their organization. 

We now offer that solution. 

No matter what your ambitions are for user experience insights, we want to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

And we have two products to help you on this journey.

We’re incredibly proud to announce the launch of UserZoom GO - which sees the next step in our journey towards integrating Validately within the UserZoom solution, as well as an update to the UserZoom brand. 

These solutions and services make UX insights possible for everyone. 

UserZoom GO

UserZoom GO is a quick and simple way to remotely talk and listen to users, to inform usability decisions and share insights - all on a purpose-built platform that replicates the lab and is easy for everyone to use.

Building digital experiences that customers love can't be done in a silo. Everyone should be empowered to build better products by learning from their users.

To ensure the power of user insight can be shared widely across teams and throughout the organization, we've made collaborator seats unlimited across for all new customers.

With UserZoom GO, collaboration is easy, instant and company-wide.

Deliver exceptional digital experiences with UserZoom

UserZoom brand evolution

Since we acquired Validately in June 2019, we’ve had two different products under our brand that help solve different aspects of the same problem -- how to create experiences that customers love and increase your chance of digital success.

UserZoom and UserZoom GO now exist under one - unified - brand. We can now tell our story consistently, and help customers at any stage of their UX journey--whether starting, scaling or advancing their UX insights practice--to make user-centric decisions that will help future-proof their digital strategy.

We updated the look and feel of our brand across both products, our website, our content and all of our channels to reflect this consistency.

These aren't just aesthetic changes, we primarily want to prove that we're the 'UX insights company' by using our own research teams to inform any improvement we make with user insight.

So we used a combination of the UserZoom and UserZoom GO platforms, our expert researchers and our product user experience research team to inform and guide all of these changes. Everything from the usability of our platforms and website, to brand perception, to our tone of voice. We also worked with digital design agency How & How to bring our vision and these insights to life on the page.

It's important to us that we 'drink our champagne', and that we prove the value of what we offer by letting you experience yourselves. But of course, this is an iterative process, and we'll continue to make improvements based on user insights long past launch; this isn't just an update - it's an ongoing evolution.

We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are, and that they ultimately prove that whatever your ambitions or skill-level, anyone can create digital experiences their customers love with UserZoom.