A UserZoom competitive UX measurement report

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Which online grocery retailers are delivering exceptional customer experiences?

This report is for retail executives who are working to deliver seamless online shopping digital experiences, during a time of accelerated customer demand and fierce competition.

Before we dive into the report, let's quickly discuss the importance of UX measurement and how it can help you identify your place in the market and outpace the competition.

What is competitive UX measurement?

Competitive UX measurement is a way to evaluate the performance of your product’s or service’s user experience relative to your competitors.

UserZoom's approach to competitive UX measurement is unique because:

  • Aligns to strategic business KPIs and revenue-critical experiences
  • Quantifies users’ attitudes and behaviors into a single score to provide a more complete view of the user experience
  • Identifies tactical areas of improvement
  • Consistent across all competitors (we use the same tasks, questions, and screeners each time)

Now let's reveal the US and UK online grocers that we'll be evaluating...


The pandemic put online grocery retailers under huge and unexpected pressure as consumers shifted their entire spend online.

In response to this demand, retailers have had to rethink operations, supply chains, and the entire online experience. Some have struggled to keep websites up and running, others to continue to match customer expectations around delivery and stock availability.

This isn't an isolated challenge, as McKinsey expects a 41% increase in the number of people purchasing groceries online when COVID-19 has subsided.

With more and more consumers planning to shift the majority, or even all, of their spending online, this change in customer behavior will have permanent effects on the retail industry.

As online grocers scale up or adapt to changing customer behavior, the user experience has never been more vital - it’s what enables businesses to retain their new customers and underpin future growth.

How can you ensure your digital experience meets new consumer demands?

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