How we're integrating Validately and UserZoom

We discuss the challenges of integrating two different UX brands and platforms - UserZoom and the newly acquired Validately.

Last week, UserZoom’s Co-CEO and Co-founder, Alfonso de la Nuez, sat down with the Product UX Research team – Rose Leitner and Becky Wright – to interview them on their process, including the practicalities of running research using the very platform they’re trying to improve, the benefits of working collaboratively and the research methods they’re using.

This week, Becky and Rose discuss the challenges of integrating two different brands and platforms – UserZoom and the newly acquired user testing platform Validately. They also cover ‘OneX’, our project that will see all of these different UIs and capabilities integrated into one seamless experience.

This is part two of three videos, we’ll publish the final instalment next week, and you’ll find a transcript of this video below.

ALFONSO: I think one of the big challenges that we have in the company, and of course for you guys particularly and the whole product team is the fact that we’ve acquired two companies in the last two and a half years, approximately. Most recently Validately. We’re working on OneX. We call it OneX, or one experience. Which is a project that is going to integrate everything together, and that requires, you know, a new interface and the integration of different capabilities.

It is a challenge for you guys to do all this work and to team up with design and get this done.

ROSE: So one of the things that I’m really excited about is that as the design team is thinking about what is the best way to move forward now that we’re partnering and we’re integrating.

We want to know who are our customers on both sides, we want to include both Validately & UserZoom customers, understanding all of their needs and pain-points and challenges as well as their goals.

And so the natural way to do that, would be to do personas. And I know that there’s thoughts on both sides, both camps, for personas, but I think that what we’re doing is going to be very informative for the initial discovery phases for design.

So we’re running just in the last couple weeks as well as this next week, I think we’re running around 50 user interviews and we’ll be analyzing that and then we’re also doing a survey to supplement that for the more quant side.

So that’s really exciting to me. I love talking to customers and understanding.

ALFONSO: We want to get it right. So it’s all about having those initial interviews.

BECKY: Yeah. I mean, it’s a really exciting project, but I think also it’s like, “wow this is kind of overwhelming, like wow.” We are definitely starting from the beginning. It’s been really great working with the guys that previously were Validately. Product designers and product managers, and just yeah really kind of working together as one big team. And we’re trying out some new things as well.

We did a customer journey mapping session as well yesterday. It’s definitely a big project but we’re trying to get as much data as we can through customer interviews and as Rose mentioned, the survey as well is another data point.

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