Get deeper insights and quantify the user experience with statistically significant data

Quantify Your User Experience

Automatically collect data to quantify the effectiveness and overall satisfaction of the user experience

Gain Perspective With Benchmarking

Establish a baseline for UX performance and consistently measure progress with universal measures

Get More Out Of Analytics

Combine UX Metrics with analytics for deeper insight into both what is or isn’t working and also the answer to why 

Leverage UX Metrics & Analytics

Assess the performance of your site with usability metrics, such as, ease of use, satisfaction, organization, visual appeal, and System Usability Scale (SUS).

Automatically collect effectiveness ratios, such as, task success, error, abandonment, and timeout measures, to understand whether or not users can accomplish key tasks on your website.

Evaluate how efficiently users can complete tasks on your website by capturing data about time spent on the task, number of unique page views and clicks.

With net promoter score, determine the likelihood of your customers recommending your site to a friend, family or colleague.


UX Benchmarking Enables You To Measure

Your brand over time

When performed solely on your own site, benchmark testing helps you understand the impact that your design iterations have on UX over time and how your design decisions are moving the needle.

Your brand against others

Benchmarking can also be leveraged to compare the usability of your website against your key competitors, enabling you to achieve greater customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty.

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Given the complexity of User Experience, you may be wondering: is UX benchmarking “Mission Impossible”? Well, our answer is “Not really”. UX benchmarking is well within your reach, if you have the right methods and tools.


The Amazing UX Race - Benchmarking Best Practices for your Digital Properties

UX benchmarking allows companies to quantify the UX of their digital products by measuring baseline usability metrics and tracking these KPIs over time, across channels and against competitors.