UX measurement

Great user experiences are invisible. We make them measurable.

Define UX success

UX, Product, and Design leaders recognize that good experiences impact the bottom line, but it’s hard for them to quantify the performance of UX. It’s possible to have a single, standardized measure that reflects both users' attitudes and behaviors, which makes it easy for leaders to evaluate UX performance.

Demonstrate progress

Once you establish a consistent measure for UX performance, you’re in a position to measure UX progress over time, across products, or relative to competitors. This empowers you to drive a roadmap for UX improvements and justify investments to leadership.

Here's how...

Establish a quality of experience score

Create a quantitative point of reference to confidently assess UX performance for revenue-critical experiences.

Measure UX progress over time

Get an initial or baseline measure of UX performance for key experiences.

Compare UX to competitors

Get an objective measure of UX performance on key experiences across your own digital property and those of competitors.

Deliver exceptional digital experiences with quality insight