UXpeditious: A UserZoom podcast

Quick, insightful interviews with design, product, and UX leaders.

S02 Episode 09

Unlocking innovation with the right research participants

Erin May and JH Forster of User Interviews and hosts of the Awkward Silences podcast, discuss the value of high-value ...

S02 Episode 08

Leadership is just another design problem

We talk with Jesse James Garrett, Design Leadership Coach, about what UX leadership needs in order to keep the industry ...

S02 Episode 07

Harnessing big data can transform research practice

Malini Leveque, VP of User Insights and Research at SAP, shares how she’s leading product teams throughout the organization using big ...

S02 Episode 06

Research Operations isn't admin, it's fundamental

Kate Towsey, Research Operations Manager at Atlassian, challenges how we think about Research Operations, saying it’s not an administrative effort.